Cases of monkeypox double in ten days in the Region and reach 19

The Ministry of Health of Murcia has already started the monkeypox vaccination to close contacts of the first cases that have been confirmed as positive in the Region of Murcia, as confirmed by LaOpinión from the department headed by Juan José Pedreño.

In the Region, so far, 19 cases, according to the latest report from the National Epidemiological Surveillance Network (Renave), dependent on the Ministry of Health. The total of positives in Murcia represents only 0.5% of the national total, but it keeps health authorities on alert, since cases have doubled in the autonomous community in just ten days. The first positive case It was confirmed on June 14.

Regarding vaccinations, from Health they point out that close contacts of confirmed cases are immunized “as indicated in the vaccination strategy approved by the Public Health Commission In the month of June”.

For this, the dose of jynnéos vaccine against monkeypox Monkeypox that the Ministry has distributed between the autonomies and which correspond to the 5,300 units who arrived in Spain at the beginning of last July. These Another 7,000 vaccines will be added this weekas Health Minister Carolina Darias announced on Tuesday during a visit to Oviedo.

Darias demands the speed of the autonomous communities to inoculate the monkeypox vaccine, while warning that the government is trying to get more doses but that “it is just as important to obtain vaccines as to be inoculated by the communities”.

“I am aware of the effort, but I ask to maintain it to continue vaccinating because it is the way to continue to save lives”, by inoculating the drug to close contacts of infected people, Darias underlined after advancing what about Spain has already detected some 4,500 cases of this disease compared to the 4,298 registered until last Friday.

The Renave report shows that most of the 4,500 Monkeypox infections are concentrated in the Community of Madrid, with 40% of the total, followed by Catalonia, with just over 30%, and Andalusia, with 13%.

The 95% of them were diagnosed in men and only 5% among women, with an average age of 37.


In more than three thousand cases (70%) a general symptomatology was recorded (fever, weakness, sore throat, muscle aches or headaches), fever being the most common.

The eruption (acne pinkish in color) was located in the anogenital region in 60.3% of cases, the onset being immediate between the date of onset of the first symptom and the appearance of the rash.

The National Epidemiological Surveillance Network report also highlights that 41% of cases for which information is available were people diagnosed with HIV infection and 14 other people had other conditions that could cause immunosuppression.

In most cases, the transmission is attributed to a close contact in a sexual relationship. In this area, 83% of diagnosed cases of monkeypox have occurred in men who have had sex with other men, as reported by the ministry.

Two dead in Spain

The Ministry of Health notified last Saturday the second death in Spain from monkeypox and in both cases they were two young men.

Both cases were reported to WHO and the European Commission. The first was recorded in the Valencian Community. He was a young man and the exact reasons for death continue to be investigated, although it indicates encephalitis associated with the infection caused by the virus. In Andalusia, the death of a person due to meningoencephalitis has also been confirmed, whose case is under investigation.

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