“You are the worst in the history of ‘Survivors'”

Tension and fights until the last day. Survivors 2022 closed this Sunday evening its edition in Telecinco with his Final debateat a gala organized by Charles Sovereign What revealed the percentages who lifted as a winner at Alexander Grandson in the final on Thursday and had the absence of Nacho Palauas we have already explained.

Latest 'Survivors 2022' debate revealed final percentages, with resounding absence

Latest ‘Survivors 2022’ debate revealed final percentages, with resounding absence

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But as always happens on the reality TV set, there was also time for bad vibes and confrontations. On this occasion, the protagonists of the main fight were Kiko Matamoros and Desy Rodriguez.

At one point during the gala, Sobera asked Desy how her relationship with Matamoros was going, and she replied that she was non-existent and indifferent. Something to which the employee of Save me to prove to him that he was right and to make sure that in the beginning they got along well. But Desy then accused him of being a “loudmouth” and be a fakesupposedly for criticizing other colleagues behind their backs: “You talk about what you shouldn’t and then you don’t acknowledge it.”

Kiko Matamoros then chose to dramatize that he wasn’t listening to her, in a bad tone: “I don’t listen to what you say”, and continued counter-attacking: “I don’t defame, I don’t nor tell stories that don’t correspond to the reality of someone who wasn’t there”. Something that got Desy excited, and interrupting the collaborator of Save me he shouted back: “Let me talk and talk when I’m done!”.

Desy didn’t want to listen to him, asking him why he had to wait, and Kiko Matamoros cut in: “See You Later, Egg Face”. Something that prompted Sobera to intervene to ask for respect, and that did not please the reality TV candidate. As Matamoros exclaimed that he wasn’t going to mind him for not giving him “not even five minutes of fame”, Desy also counterattacked: ” But who are you ? If you are the worst in the history of Survivors. You did nothing!a phrase that made the audience on the set burst into great applause that surprised even Anabel Pantoja and Marta Peñate.

Before ending the fight, the presenter approaching Desy to ask him for calm (unsuccessfully, pushed by the support of the public), Kiko Matamoros defended himself: “Do you know what the quality of those who are here ? To initiate the start order. For a lazy survivor you, who haven’t peeled a single coconut”.

Matamoros and its traps: “I’m surprised they didn’t catch me”

In the Final debate, the robinsons also opened up about the cheating they did during the contest. And the most direct was again Kiko Matamoros.

The collaborator of Save me he pointed to other thefts he had committed that hadn’t been caught: a calamari sandwich he had that he hadn’t won and a fried egg until after he left , he caught on the fly as the team drove off.

Indeed, and fueling the rumor that the show had favored him, he himself said he was “surprised” that the management of reality TV had not caught up with him because “I used to be very cheeky”literally.

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