Who is Lawrence Stroll, Fernando Alonso’s new “boss” at Aston Martin

Pilots are the very essence of Formula 1 but what is behind them? Well, a team has formed out of each of them, cars, engineers, technical directors and one person above the rest: the “boss”.

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It is important to distinguish between team leaders and owners. The visible faces in the paddock of each race are generally the first (Toto Wolff -Mercedes-, Christian Horner -Red Bull-, Mattia Binotto -Ferrari) while the others are the investors who invest season after season.

Lawrence Promenade is one of these. The new “boss” Fernando Alonso in Aston Martin has a life both inside and outside of F1 and in DAZN We tell you all the ins and outs of this businessman:

Who is Lawrence Stroll?

2022-03-12 Aston Martin F1 Formula 1 ride

Born in Montreal, Quebec (Canada) on July 11, 1959, Lawrence Stroll had another original name: Lawrence Sheldon Strulovitch. From an early age, he learned from his entrepreneur father who taught him his role as an investor who has worked at Aston Martin since 2020.

Director of the British manufacturer with 20% of the shares and owner of the Formula 1 team, he is also the father of the only confirmed driver until the arrival of Fernando Alonso: Launch Promenade.

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your career path

Lawrence Stroll first invested in the designer clothing market, with brands like Pierre Cardin, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Kors among his associates.

This is not his debut in the automotive world since he owns the Mont-Tremblant racing circuit in Quebec (Canada). Moreover, together with other tycoons, he created the Racing Point Ltd consortium. for the purchase of the Force India team, which had gone bankrupt.

Finally, he has an important collection of cars, mainly of the Ferrari brand, where he owns a 250 GTO -the most expensive car in the world-, a 250 Testa Rossa, a 250 GT California Spyder and a LaFerrari, among others, and he also owns an Italian brand dealership in Quebec.

His personal life

In addition to her aforementioned son, Lance Stroll, Lawrence is married to Claire-Anne Stroll, who runs a fashion company called Callens. Another eldest daughter, Chloe, who is an actress and singer, was also born from the marriage.

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He is not a regular at all Formula 1 Grands Prix, so he has his residence in Geneva (Switzerland) and Mustique (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines).

In Forbes magazine’s list of billionaires of 2022, he appears at number 1012 with a net worth of $3 billion, just under the same amount in euros.

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