What team is Aston Martin, who does it belong to, what country is it from, how many world championships and F1 races has it won and everything you need to know about the team

Talk about fancy cars and don’t Aston Martin it’s as if you mentioned the Formula 1 Fishing Fernando Alonso among the main drivers in its history. The Spaniard will be in one of this team’s single-seaters at the 2023 World Cup after ending his contract with Alpine at the end of this season.

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The new Spanish team has life inside and outside motor racing’s finest competition, and DAZN We will tell you all the details, which are not rare:

Which team is Aston Martin?

2022-03-12 Aston Martin F1 Formula 1 ride

Aston Martin is a Formula 1 team with over 60 years of history. His debut in El Gran Circo took place in the Dutch Grand Prix from 1959 with two single-seaters DBR4 under the name of David Brown Company.

The following season, the new car model would be launched, the DBR5being released and used in a single race precisely the last in the team’s 20th century.

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After several negotiations between Aston Martin and force india first, then with Race point from 2015, it was only five years later that his return to F1 was confirmed for the 2021 campaign with first the RAM21 and now the AMR22.

Who owns Aston Martin?

2022-03-12 Aston Martin F1 Formula 1 ride

The manufacturer Aston Martin is a public company, independent and open since 2018, which was then joined in 2020 by a consortium led by the Canadian magnate Lawrence Promenadeowner of 20% of the shares.

The investor, father as well as partner of Fernando Alonso from next year (Spear), then put £182m on the table for that stock package.

What country is Aston Martin from?

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However, Aston Martin is not Canadian, far from it. The team is based in Silverstonein the county of Northamptonshire (United Kingdom), precisely a few meters from the circuit of the British Grand Prix present in Formula 1 since 1987 without interruption.

The manufacturer was founded under the name of Bamford & Martin Ltd. in 1913 by Robert Bamford and the pilot Lionel Martin, winner in 1913 of the Aston-Clinton, a famous mountain race. Barely a year later, it was renamed to its current name.

How many world championships and F1 races has Aston Martin won?

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If you count the 1959 and 1960 seasons, Aston Martin has only been in Formula 1 for four years. Also, in the 20th century, they did not have a confirmed seat for all the races and they only added six participations in this biennium. (Dutch Grand Prix -twice-, Great Britain -two more-, Portugal and Italy).

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Since the arrival of Lawrence Stroll, the British team have been one more in the 2021 and 2022 World Cups from start to finish. Until the announcement of the signing of Fernando Alonso, they have contested 35 races, being a second place of Sebastian Vettel in the Azerbaijan GP the best post.

They therefore add no victory in F1 and in the end, no world championship. The ‘Nano’ and Lance Stroll, the owner’s son, hope to turn the tide with a RAM23 who hopes to bring news.

All the Aston Martin drivers in its history

2022-03-17 Hulkenberg Aston Martin F1 Formula 1

  • Roy Salvadori
  • carol shelby
  • Maurice Trintignant
  • Spear Stroll
  • Sebastian Vettel
  • Nico Hulkenberg (reserve pilot)
  • Fernando Alonso

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