Violeta Mangriñán reveals what she finally did with Gala’s placenta and what was the complication she experienced during childbirth

Violette Mangrinan gave birth to Gala this Sunday, her first daughter with Fabio Colloricchio. The influencer announced the news on Monday morning until instagram, where months ago she began to share how she was experiencing the pregnancy. Now his supporters may have known all the details on the progress of the delivery.

A few hours after announcing the birth of the little girl, the young woman went through the social network to tell how she lived one of the most beautiful moments of her life. She gave birth at the Montepríncipe Hospital in Madrid, when she was 40 weeks pregnant. “He came into the world at 9:39 p.m., with 3.2 kg and 48 cm. The delivery was perfect.” advanced in its stories.

Mangriñán cracked the bag on Saturday evening, so, advised by her gynecologist, she went to the hospital first thing in the morning. On Sunday afternoon, the contractions started: “At 2 p.m., I broke the bag and started immediately with very painful contractions and unbearable. An hour and a half later I asked for the epidural, I dilated all afternoon.

“There has been a small complication since I started having a fever and chills with shaking right before the expulsion… They gave me medicine, they gave me medicine, it worked and as soon as I started pushing, Gala was born 30 minutes later, vaginal delivery, not a single tear point. I gave birth lying on my right side, very comfortable. A very good delivery, according to the medical team, which could not have been better,” he said.

The former competitor survivors admitted that last night was “difficult”. “We haven’t slept for 48 hours, we are happy but devastated exhaustion”. “As soon as he came out he clung perfectly to the breast and during the night I gave him more times, sleepless and exhausted but it seems that my ‘colostrum’ does not satiate him enough because this still isn’t milk as such and we had to give her two babies,” he said.

Mangriñán thanked the work of the medical team and the affection received in the last hours. “I still assimilate everything that happened, I feel in a state of shock, like in a dream, happy but very tired and in pain, as is normal after giving birth. We have to adapt to her and she to us,” he said.

The face of Women and men and vice versa He posted an image of his daughter stating that she has “light brown hair” and “her eyes point to blue”. “All my respects to all our ancestors who lived without the existence of anesthesia. To all those women who gave birth without having the possibility of requesting anesthesia and an epidural, and to all those who live in countries where the access to epidurals is a luxury. Yesterday I remembered each of them, We are not aware of how lucky we are. settled down.

Change of plans with the placenta

A few months ago, the influencer explained what her plans were with the placenta: “I have already agreed with my mother that we will save the placenta de Gala to use it as fertilizer in my garden in Valencia, in the meantime she has agreed to keep it, she says that what she does not want is for the hospital to keep it”.

“In my mother’s garden is the placenta of one of my cousins ​​buried under a cherry tree and we agreed to do it under a tree in my garden of Valencia with the placenta of Gala”, he explained, although his plans have changed course.

A story by Violeta Mangriñán on Instagram.
A story by Violeta Mangriñán on Instagram.

This Monday, Mangriñán showed a cardboard with the placenta painted next to the soles of Gala’s feet. “That’s what we finally did with her placenta, I plan to put it in a frame for his room in Valencia. The placenta was kept by the hospital, the mother will not use it as fertilizer.

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