‘Viajeros Cuatro’ tribute to the well-known journalist after her death

Cuatro will broadcast tonight the replacement of Travelers Four New York in tribute to Mónica Domínguez, reporter of the show who died last weekend of cancer. Since the news of his death was known, the signs of affection and pain have not ceased to occur.

And it is that Domínguez, 38, had been linked to Mediaset all his life, where he had worked on countless programs. In recent years, she has combined her role as a reporter for travelers four with his work as a news reporter in it’s already noon.

Mónica Domínguez, in 'Viajeros Cuatro' New York

Mónica Domínguez, in ‘Viajeros Cuatro’ New York

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The program on everyone’s lipspresented by Diego Losada and produced by Mandarina Producciones (the same production company as Cuatro’s travel program), has been tasked with announcing the rerun of the report from New York tonight, following the premiere of today’s episode which will take the viewer in La Coruña.

The announcement was made by program director Javier Silvestre, who He was also a reporter for travelers four in three seasons and who transferred the pain of “the whole team of Travelersfrom Mandarina and all over Mediaset” to his family and friends. “Tonight, the report he enjoyed recording the most is being broadcast, that of New York,” he said, visibly moved, while sending a warm hug to the parents and his sister. by Mónica Domínguez: “We will always carry you in our hearts”.

Also in the summer programPatricia Pardo, spent a few minutes reminiscing that “she was a reporter for the program for three years, the news completely devastated us all, you read it and think there’s no way this happened. ” She added that Mónica “went to work and fought until the end” and said goodbye saying, “Have a good trip and fly high, mate”.

Stupor samples have occurred in virtually every Mediaset program. And it is that Domíguez had worked in many formats with which she was well known and loved throughout the chain. “You will hardly find anyone in Mediaset who doesn’t have a picture with Mónica smiling,” Silvestre said, alluding to his long professional career.

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Images of the first program of the new 'Viajeros Cuatro'

“He managed his illness in a very discreet way,” he added while revealing that “only a very intimate circle” knew the true extent of his illness. This does not mean that very difficult times have been experienced in different programs.

This is the case of It’s summerwhere yesterday participated one of Mónica Domínguez’s best friends, Alexia Rivaswho tearfully sent a big hug to the journalist’s parents: “They were the most important thing to her.”

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La periodista ha sido enterrada esta mañana en su Ponferrada (León) natal donde han acudido amigos, familiares y compañeros de profession en una emotiva ceremony donde se podía palpar el cariño que todo el mundo sentía por una compañera y amiga que la enfermedad se ha llevado too early.

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