University of Chile | Diego López is upset by a question that calls into question his continuity in the U

University of Chile fell 3-1 against Colo Colo for the date 20 of the national championship 2022day when the Superclassic 192 at the Fiscal Stadium in Talca He stole all eyes, and lamented another defeat for the record which warns that he will go ten years without winning this type of match. A situation he regrets Diego Lopez.

The Uruguayan technician He spoke after the final whistle on the bitter crash and, as expected, a reporter asked him if he felt the result brought him closer to his exit. And everything became tense.

“When you come to work and ask a question, you don’t think they’re going to fire you. Neither do I. I think positive. I know that I have the support of the club, but it is necessary to have results and they do not arrive“, Launched the Uruguayan strategist, who did not draw happy accounts in his first classic of Creole football.

I didn’t think I was gonna lose, otherwise we wouldn’t show up. We didn’t do well in the second half, especially. But the impact was good, even if we can’t play once. Then the coach needs results, this team needs positive results and we need to improve it“, he added.

“We have to be aware that we all together have to give something more. We will now face a difficult rival, but we have to know what we have to work on and then put into practice everything we have worked on during the week, that will get us out of this difficult moment,” added Diego López.

After that, call the unit. “We have to be together, grit our teeth and move forward, this team has everything to move forward. We are sorry for all the people who accompanied us. We apologize. We want to move forward for ourselves, for the club and the people, who deserves”

Later, López pointed out that “the first half was played intensely, as it should be in a classic. We missed a penalty, then we had a few chances, but the team continued, the penalty we we made was a mistake and that’s how we got to the break. In the second half we made another mistake, we worked differently in the way of scoring”.

So, another request pulled him out of his boxes again and he responded with everything. “You think about the next three games, we can’t. We focus on the next rival, we come out of a tough defeat, we have to see the mistakes. The next one is the most important. You have to analyze mistakes, make a self-criticism and trying to go out and win,” he said.

“If today we were talking about having been a disaster, it’s difficult to come and talk and convince me. We all saw the impact of the match, of the first half. We have young players, who don’t have experience, but they are improving. It’s good for young people, for them to learn. Many know it from youth, but I liked the impact of the game of Chelo Morales, c That’s the way to play,” he said.

López explains that “you don’t just play the classics like that, or just once, you always have to play like that. But it convinces you. We have to make fewer mistakes. We have to be aware, self-critical, look at the table, but don’t look beyond the next game”.

On penalties, the Uruguayan strategist said that “he had seen the penalties of the previous classic, but it goes much further. They know who the kickers are. It’s true, he (Cristian Palacios) shot and he missed, it’s all no You have to turn back. He or someone else could have made a mistake. He’s a great player, he knows how to handle those moments, if he had been a young man there he would have entered the field and I wouldn’t have let him kick.”

When asked if it was a mistake not to bring centrals, he was candid. “It wasn’t a mistake. I’ve already clarified everything in the market, don’t make me repeat things I’ve already said. We didn’t play well in the second half, we got it. done in the first half, but after that the responsibility is mine, above all, and also that of the players”.

“Now is not the time to look for things that have already been discussed. We criticize each other, we played badly in the second half, you said we lacked options and I think so too. We have to play both halves the same or better. Physically, I think we weren’t bad, the shot from the second goal influenced,” he said.

Finally, he explained the variants of his team. “Seymour’s change to Poblete was because he had a yellow card, I saw him two or three times he threw himself away and it didn’t happen. Then we ended up with an equal less, but we didn’t want to risk And Andía didn’t intervene from the first minute because Navarrete had played well and he deserved to play the Clásico”.

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