This is the most common postcovid symptom and common to all variants

The new variants of Covid-19 that caused the seventh wave in our country have caused infections to rebound. However, although more contagiousnew strains of the virus are also less severe and the symptoms associated with them last less than in their predecessors.

After the infection, after a few days, patients see how the symptoms disappear. However, a high percentage of people experience recurrent symptoms that persist over time, usually up to the first year after infection.

That’s what we call Persistent or prolonged Covid and it already affects 60% of people infected with the coronavirus, According to research published in Pathogens.

Skin problems, poor concentration, damage to the peripheral nervous system or sexual dysfunction are some of the symptoms of persistent Covid. But there is a sequel that is the most frequent and common to all variants of Covid-19.

Fatigue, the most common persistent symptom

According to the study published in Pathogens, fatigue is the most common persistent symptom in patients infected with the coronavirus. The research, which had Spanish participation, compared the symptoms of hospitalized patients with the variants Wuhan, Alpha and Delta during the acute phase of infection and after overcoming the disease, with the aim of establishing the differences.

The results showed that 60% of patients who had overcome the disease suffered from post-Covid-19 symptoms for a period of time not less than the first year after contagion, and the most common sequelae in all was fatigue or extreme fatigue.

Juan Torres is one of the study researchers and on the 20minutos portal he explained that these data “allow the symptom to be placed as one of the priorities of future research studies”.

Another of the researchers, César Fernández de las Peñas, pointed out that the fact that fatigue is a constant in all variants “this may be one of the key clinical criteria to define this disease”. However, he clarified that the wide variety of symptoms associated with the virus “make it difficult to establish a single diagnostic criterion”.

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