They denounce Justin Quiles for an unauthorized concert in Tenerife

Hundreds of people flocked to La Tejita beach to see the performer, who was part of the hanging Raggaeton Beach Festival poster

ECE Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The environmental association Salvar La Tejita has officially lodged a complaint with the Canary Islands Environmental Protection Agency (ACPMA) against the unauthorized concert that Justin Quiles gave this Sunday on the beach, which is a protected area, and which caused a collapse of 17 kilometers on highways.

In a statement, the environmental association reports that in addition to denouncing “the artist” for having organized an event in a
Special Area of ​​Conservation, accompanied his complaint
photos and videos allowing the participants to be identified at the concertespecially those that were “on protected species of flora”.

Although he acknowledges that the event was only announced via social networks “hours before” it took place, Salvar La Tejita declares himself “totally disappointed, although not surprised, by the inaction” of the four police forces and public administrations to avoid what happened. .

Especially when “hundreds of vehicles arrived on the scene, clearly indicating that an event was about to take place”.

The association expects “rapid intervention” from the ACPMA, even if it does not exclude “new complaints before the prosecution if necessary”.


The complaint comes after the Telesforo Bravo-Juan Coello Foundation also criticized the singer. Under the title “Tenerife. The environmental laughingstock”, the aforementioned Foundation, which is dedicated to scientific and environmental dissemination, described this concert on its social networks as “
new chapter of a shameful soap opera it should start producing resignations if we lived in a country with a quality democracy”.

“We’re going to tell a story that produces embarrassment and outrage that doesn’t go away with the hours,” says the Foundation, which reports singer Justin Quiles “feels frustrated because the
San Miguel Town Hallacting correctly, suspends his concert and that of the other artists”.

In this way, he alludes to the fact that Quiles was part of the cartel of artists from the
Reggaeton Beach Festivalwhich was to be held on July 30 at Amarilla Golf and was suspended by the town hall of San Miguel de Abona for security reasons.

But the American singer of Puerto Rican origin “does not want to leave his followers without a concert” and calls them
on Tejita beach, Special nature reserve and protected area of ​​the Natura 2000 Network, adds the Foundation.

“Citizen Quiles seems unaware that
an authorization must be requested to organize a concert on a beach and in a protected area and the one that upsets takes gigantic proportions“, because in a few hours more than 7,000 people “collapse the roads and trample the plants, habitat of many animals and key to the maintenance of the dune system“.


The roads of Las Chafiras-Los Abrigos, Los Abrigos-Atogo, Los Abrigos-El Médano, Hermano Pedro, El Médano-San Isidro are collapsing and it is not possible to circulate even in an emergency. In total, there are 17 kilometers of roads with people detained in their vehicles, not counting the collapse that also occurs in the TF-1, he adds.

If an accident had occurred, the injured could not have been evacuated, continues the Foundation, which recalls that the local police of Granadilla draw up a report, but that does not prevent the holding of the concert.

For the Ecologist Foundation,
Justin Quiles is responsible for several administrative offenses and perhaps of some crime but, he adds, “as always with those who come from outside, he has a letter of marque to do what he wants and will not answer for what he has done”, because the authorities of the island “They will do everything possible to ensure that he gets out safely.

As for the political leaders of the sub-delegation of the Spanish government, the government of the Canary Islands, the Cabildo de Tenerife and the city council of Granadilla, no one will give explanations and no one will resign, he assures.

For the Telesforo Bravo-Juan Coello Foundation, “we are living in a very dangerous moment for the survival of the democratic system: the failure of the rule of law by those who should defend it”.

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