Thermaltake TOUGHLIQUID 360 ARGB TRX40, Water Your Threadripper

Summer is in full swing, temperatures are exploding and you’ve no doubt noticed it, but if you have an AMD Ryzen Threadripper, you’ll know you’re either in hell or close to it due to its high power consumption and temperatures. . But for everything there is a solution, and that requires a good AIO like the one that Thermaltake introduced: are TOUGHLIQUID 360 ARGB TRX40perhaps its best liquid cooling yet.

With TDPs up to 280 watts We’re not exactly talking easy-to-dissipate numbers, no matter how surface these processors are. For this reason, and although this specific model already exists for the rest of the platforms, the TRX40 goes a little further to achieve the best possible temperature.

A full-coverage block is the Thermaltake TOUGHLIQUID 360 ARGB TRX40


When an AIO is designed for a specific socket, the advantages are very clear compared to the rest as long as the job has been done well. Thermaltake succeeded by including a high quality cold plate, but more importantly with a size capable of cover all IHS processors without leaving a hole without refrigerating.

Logically, the heat transfer will be the best that this AIO can offer and therefore the temperatures must be better as long as the rest goes on.


And on this occasion yes, since the block incorporates a seventh generation pump capable of running at 4,000 rpm with the particularity that it is not integrated in the block, but in the radiator in an unusual position, in the middle of the fins and very close to the inlet and the outlet of the latter.

This peculiarity has been designed to increase the internal flow of the radiator and thus achieve better heat transfer without negatively affecting its internal flow and losing very little pressure in the block jets, a very clever and complicated design to execute.

Rotating ARGB case and manual or software controls


The block, being freed from the pump housing, incorporates a simpler and more efficient water injection mechanism, which first rises and then descends vertically to the center of the cold plate. The detail far from it is its aesthetic cover, since it is possible to rotate it to adapt it to our installation and thus always see the logo correctly on our PC, which of course has ARGB LEDs.

We can’t forget their TOUGHFAN 12 Turbo fans, with up to 2,500 rpmonly 28.1dBA and nothing except 71.69 CFM con Static pressure of 3.44 mmH2O. Finally some additional data that Thermaltake has provided in this TOUGHLUIQUID 360 ARGB TRX40:

  • Tube of 40cm in length Made of high quality rubber.
  • Overall dimensions of the aluminum radiator: 395 x 120 x 27mmto which must be added the 25 mm of the fans.
  • Compatible plugs: AMD SP3, sTR4, sTRX4, sWRX8.

At the moment we do not know the official price in our country or in the EU, but we know that the normal version for AMD or Intel is at 150 euros on average, so this AIO, given the developments mentioned, should not not be below this number. . There is also no date of arrival in store, you have to wait.

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