The viralized hoax of a man who denounces his contagion of monkeypox

declared monkeypox as an international high alert by the WHO hA week ago, has sparked a wave of stigma over how it spreads. Professionals point out that this occurs through close contact with infected skin, body fluids, or respiratory droplets of an infected person with whom they have sex.

And the The vast majority of those infected are men.for which created the popular belief that gay men are the most likely – and some believe the only ones – to be infected. But it’s not always the case.

Recently, a Twitter user, Mei Rito, took advantage of the magnitude of this health crisis and shared how he was allegedly infected in a thread on his account: “Yesterday I was diagnosed with monkey pox. No, I haven’t been to any sex parties like the WHO says I didn’t even get a tattoo… You’re gonna freak out when you find out how I did it.” But it turns out that the narrative indicates that it is false and that everything could be the result of a lie.

Suspected contagion

What was the reason for the contagion, according to the user? Mei Rito has released her ‘story’ saying she contacted another boy via an app to buy second hand items and after accepting the sale tried an electric scooter for fifteen minutes to see if he responded to his needs. So after trying it, we guess they made the swap and said goodbye.

“Could it be possible that I was infected during a 15-minute contact during which we only greeted each other by shaking hands?” Was the boy’s first guess. But, after supposedly contacting a doctor friend of his, he pointed out that could have spread through the wounds on his face and handsa fact the seller confirmed he had even before being diagnosed.

Fake account

User Mei Rito’s account was discovered by an activist against digital disinformation, Julián Macías Tovar, who claims that the account contains numerous pieces that do not match.

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First, your profile picture. The user who posted the ‘explanation’ thread has a profile picture of athlete Adam Yates, and it’s believed to be an account created in 2013 for the PSOE and Adidas infighting in his image in profile. And, after an investigation of the activist, he was able to demonstrate that this account previously belonged to @SusanaPresident.

Also, This is not the first tweet of a smallpox contagion made with the same description of the facts, a detail that also makes one suspicious of the veracity of the story.

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