The surreal story of how he caught smallpox…

Twitter user Mei Rito posted her story of how she caught the monkey pox. “No, I haven’t been to any sex parties like the SMO, I didn’t even get a tattoo… You’re going to freak out when you find out how I did it,” he said in the post that went viral on social media.

“Three weeks ago I decided to park my bike because of the high temperatures and contacted a guy to wallapop who sold an electric scooter. We have agreed to meet to check on your status. The transaction was great. A pretty nice guy, he told me everything he needed to know about the scooter and let me try it out on the street for a quarter of an hour to see if it really suited my needs. Once the decision is made, we make the exchange and we say goodbye“, he began by telling.

A week later, he started having a fever and muscle aches. He immediately thought of covid and up to 3 PCRs were performed within the next 48 hours, all negative. “I don’t feel much better, two days ago I decided to go back to the warehouse where I work and when I go to get the scooter I see that the pressure in the wheels has gone down, so I write to the seller to ask him how many times I have to refill it”.

That’s when they gave him information he hadn’t expected. “He gives me all the information I need and, speaking of other subjects, he tells me that Surprise! a few days ago, he was diagnosed with monkeypox after several days of symptoms. That’s when my alarm goes off.”

“Could it be that I was infected during a 15-minute contact during which we only greeted each other by shaking hands? Contact with a doctor friend who tells me about contagious wounds on the face and hands. The boy confirms that he had minor injuries even before being diagnosed,” he said.

“The same day, I go to the emergency room and they do tests. Positive for monkey pox. The most probable contagion, from what they tell me, since my sex life has not changed, is that the virus ended up on my mucous membranes after having impregnated me with it on the handles of the scooter!” he wrote.

The Internet user, outraged by the recommendations of the WHO, calls for caution: “It’s not a gay disease as the WHO says, we catch it by buying a wallapop object. And recycle these popular disinfectant gels , they can be the key to your health”

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