The meritorious note to Anduva


Mirandes: Ramón Juan; Santos, Álex Martín, Michelis (Min. 81, Gudiño), Barbu (Min. 65, Durán); Prados, Meseguer (Min. 60, Rey), Roberto López, Salifo, Nacho Castillo; and Raúl García (Min. 69, Rementeria).

Athletic: padilla; Capa, Vivian, Paredes (Min. 80, Vencedor), Pexarroman (Min. 60, Lekue); Dani García (Min. 60, Zarraga), Nolaskoain, Morcillo (Min. 46, Malcom Adu), Cruzeta, Luis Bilbao (Min. 46, Nico Serrano); and Villalibre.

Goals: 0-1: Min. 40; Nolaskoain. 0-2: Min. 61; Free Villa. 0-3: Min. 85; Free Villa.

Arbitrator: Aitor Gorostegui (Basque College). He warned Nolaskoain, of Athletic; and Salifo, from Mirandés.

Case : Some 3,000 spectators in Anduva to watch the friendly match between Mirandés and Athletic, which served as a public presentation of the Burgos team.

The Athletic He solved his fifth engagement of the summer with flying colors, the one that measured him against Mirandés at Anduva. despite the alignment an eleven filled with surrogate theorists, or footballers who will play a theoretically less relevant role than those who they played on Saturday against NewcastleErnesto Valverde can go out positive conclusions of the image offered by his students, with special mention to Asier Villalibre who scored two of the three goals of his team, repeating what was done a few days ago against Bochum on German soil. The striker has been soft in front of goal so far this summer which will no doubt lift his spirits and force the coach to give his claims a twist.

sought Valverde give a shot to the deserving, those footballers who aim, at least in service, to have a secondary role in the team, since they showed their cards on Saturday against Newcastle. A common way of working in pre-season, in which it is increasingly normal to play two games on consecutive days. With fewer striking tests than in previous appointments, the technician wanted to see Petxarroman on the left side and placed Morcillo in a right winger position, con Louis-Bilbao at the opposite. Danny Garcia, that he wanted to try at the central position in some appointments, occupied the double pivot with How? ‘Or’ What con Guruseta a few meters behind Free Villa. under the sticks, Padilla succeeded Iru while Simón and Agirrezabala recover from their respective ailments.

In a clash where both teams wanted to treat the ball carefully, looking for associative play, the greatest pace and quality of athleticism prevailed. Probably also because of the noticeable age difference. It’s true that Txingurri opted for an XI with plenty of youngsters, but Joseba Etxeberria doesn’t have many veterans to choose from and to start with, his oldest footballer was Álex Martín, aged just 24.

Mirandés has the skills to play attractive football, but it’s likely he won’t be able to be at First-team level no matter how many substitutes he has fielded. It should also not be forgotten that the locals started the clash with several footballers from the subsidiary on the pitch. Athletic dominated the first act with pleasure, He allowed himself the luxury of getting carried away in the home stretch of the clash and barely let the hosts prowl the area defended by Padilla in a few actions. Both isolated, while the rojiblanco team, like a hammer, accumulated arrivals. He knew how to find spaces through which Athletic could do damage, which he found on the wings, with Morcillo first and with the talented Luis Bilbao later, who struggled to enter the game but left good details about the great quality it has. The kid isn’t lacking in confidence either, who has been looking for the dribble again and again.

The Lions deserved more half-time revenue than that brief 0-1 that reflected the light. Athletic managed to score several times but had to wait until the 40th minute to open the box. Nolaskoain put the icing on a perfectly executed corner from Morcillo with a fine header against which goalkeeper Ramón Juan could not do anything, the most outstanding of his team and the one who prevented Mirandés from arriving beaten at intermission with a good intervention.

First, he got a good hand in a header from Guruzeta who was looking for the team. A few minutes later he showed a stretch to avoid Morcillo’s goal and in the play leading up to Athletic’s goal he again made a nice intervention to send the ball for a corner.

He could do nothing then to prevent Nolaskoain’s goal, an undisputed header, arguably one of his best virtues. The Gipuzkoan grew in the match as the minutes went by. Somewhat imprecise at the start, he collected a handful of good recoveries and left a good impression when his continuity in the first team is in the air.

Villa free double

The second half had a very similar scenario to the first half. Athletics dominated and continued to rack up finishes, perhaps without the clarity of the first 45 minutes, but they weren’t hurting behind either. So, it was only a matter of time before a few more goals arrived. So that was it. Athletic scored two more, both signed by Villalibre. Two out of nine pure goals with which he fought back for a first error in the heads-up against the Mirandés goalkeeper.

In the first, he waited well located in the small area for the assistance of Capa, who reached the baseline well, and only had to push the ball into the back of the net on an empty goal. In the second, after receiving from a very active Guruzeta and who only needed the icing on the goal to put the finishing touch on his performance, he shot Ramón Juan for the short stick.

A double that should help him continue his progress. Maybe he should bring more in the collective game, where this Sunday he didn’t have much presence, but if he goes to two goals per game, what more could you ask for. Like the rest of the deserving, who got a good grade in their exam at Miranda.

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