the looks of the review guests (and only one is recorded)

Willyrex and Cristiurbi they were finally able to put on each other the rings that resisted their finger since the start of the pandemic. Although from today the low season in the streamer sector is inaugurated, the last 48 hours have left us with the marriage of the couple of influencers like the absolute stars in informative territory.

The main role comes, in part, from the male and more famous guests: they tried to follow this unspoken rule of being handsome, but not handsome enough to outshine the groom. The typical group photo of panas celebrate someone else’s wedding left a mark to say the least striking in stylistic territory.

That’s how you think Anitta Ruiz, fashion consultant and journalist who has made a name for himself in the fashion world with his successful analyzes of looks for politicians or celebrities. After seeing a tweet from her where she offered to advise them for this type of event, we called her to tell us what she thinks, one by one, the looks of the most famous photo streamers.

“What I take away clearly from this photo is that the groom didn’t send any type of etiquette with the invitations because everyone goes as they want“, he confides to us with a smile that is even noticeable on the phone. “Then it shows they’re not dressing as usual and they haven’t run the business well. That said, we go to the beautiful despellej… esto, personalized image consulting!


“This kid makes me feel like it’s already 5 a.m. or 8 p.m. at work,” he says. downright funny, no matter how well the words sound in writing. “If you wear a tie, you can’t wear your collar unbuttoned, your shirt wrong, your pants creased, gives you a washed out look“. The first, up front.


“He hasn’t tucked in the bottom of his pants, he wrinkles a lot, and the feeling he gives is that they lent him the costume“, he says a little more seriously because the bass thing is something that makes him “very nervous”. In any case, it’s good news to see him at the wedding of his ex-best friend: brotherly things are going wellstylistics not so much.


“[Lolito] He wears a Versace shirt and Nikes, something that horrifies me, but at least it goes with his style, like ElRubius by his side. They took the trouble to dress in their own way”, although he insists on the bottom of the trousers: “it is the symptom of a terrible negligence”. Again, indignation with joke.


“I have my doubts whether it was the buddy or the waiter, poor thing, who wanted to take a picture with the banners. Don’t tell me no?”, Anitta asks me and anyone contradicts her with his arguments. “The jacket doesn’t fit him, the shirt is too tight, I can’t see his shirt sleeves so I don’t know if he’s wearing short sleeves underneath.” About the bottom: “it wears it well in length, it hurts in width”.


“It’s a matter of personal taste: it’s not bad at all, but there are details that are not: you hang your glasses on your jacket, you carry your cell phone in your pocket and you don’t know if it’s your cell phone or if you’re very happy to see someone, it’s a permanent carelessness.


“This one got his suit, maybe from his older brother. He’s got one of those shoes like ‘I’ve never worn suit shoes in my life’, his jacket is creased, you can’t see his shirt, the pants look weird on him, and the shirt with the song of the month: don’t wear a tie“, he jokes once again with these memes that have hit Twitter. live to have a motive“.


“Compared to the rest, a gem. Maybe he should adjust his pants, and yet, in comparison, a marvel.” We have a winner! That’s why he’s the only groom of those pictured And did you go through the process?

A good thing about the photo in question? “Well, one thing strikes me: In general, everyone wears very good shoes., with laces and which stick for the occasion. Normally, if you’re not used to wearing a suit, the shoes you wear are dramatic, they look like the ones with rubber soles that don’t work at all. Overall, I’m fine.”

Anitta Ruiz’s analyzes may seem a little harsh in writing, but it is good to listen to her and make you want to go to the mirror to see if he would give you his good rollero approval. Follow her on the networks because she is both instructive and entertainingand now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to the closet for a moment… (#LaRopaHabla)

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