The list of forwards Real Madrid need to sign

The Real Madrid is back in Spain after american tour where several things became clear. Among them, the Doubts which proposes to face a season full of matches with Karim Benzema as sole striker. In the sporting direction of the white team They will decide in the next few days whether he signs up or not. to a front.

As we reported in Deportes Cuatro several weeks ago, Real Madrid had began its particular casting sign a centre-forward, who assume the role of substitute of Benzema, that it was not very expensive and that it was synonymous with goals. However, at the start of the United States tour, Ancelotti twice remarked that “the model was already closed” and that “it was more complete than last season”.

The operation would cost between 25 and 25 million

However, the lack of goal, completely excluding Benzema, returned to raise doubts if that will be enough with Benzema as a centre-forward to face a season where Real Madrid aspire to six titles. With Ancelotti without trusting Mariano, and with Mayoral With plenty of transfer options at Getafe, the white side would keep Benzema as their only centre-forward.

For this reason, according to Deportes Cuatro, Real Madrid a deadline was given until the Super Cup of Europe to decide whether or not to sign a replacement striker. The profile would be the same they were looking for months ago: an experienced striker, who knows how to take on his role as a substitute, who has proven himself in terms of goals and who manages to add, not create problems. And two players come into that equation right now.

On the one hand, Timo Werner. At Chelsea they don’t have the German striker and they are looking for a place for him. The operation would not cost very much, it would be around 25-35 million euros. However, there are doubts whether a striker of his stature is ready to take on a substitute role. And on the other hand, there is the possibility of RTD. The striker doesn’t want to continue at Espanyol and has absolutely prioritized returning to what used to be his home. The price would be around the same amounts as his German counterpart, but the Spaniard would be very willing to take on the role as Benzema’s replacement.

In the next few days, the sports management, with Carlo Ancelotti and Florentino PĂ©rez, will make the final decision, and from there both candidates will be studied in more depth and negotiations will be opened with their clubs.

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