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The Italian two-wheeler manufacturer Fantastic launched a variant of the Fantic e-Scooter, presented at EICMA Milan 2021 which he describes as first gear pedelec electric bike (S-Pedelec) on the market. Although with current regulations, the Fantic Issimo 45 must be approved as electric mopedaspires to become a sustainable and practical urban mobility solution if one day the law will change. Equipped with a electric drive system, pedals and acceleratorthrough the handlebar display it is possible to configure the vehicle to work only with the pedals, only with the accelerator or a combination of both, up to a speed of 45 km/h.

The newest addition to Fantic’s two-wheeler lineup is based on the same trellis-like die-cast aluminum frame as its two predecessors. Elegant and attractive, the design has been awarded several prizes (including the German Design Award 2021), thanks to its interlocking tubes that offer the best compromise between lightness, rigidity, resistance and safety. Additionally, the framework supports three colours to personalize according to your tastes: white, black and silver and 10 transparent and opaque covers which give it an even more distinctive touch for each of the buyers.

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The frame design features an original trellis shape that provides lightness, rigidity, strength and safety.

Like the Issimo Urban and the Issimo Fun, the Issimo 45 incorporates a front fork with shock absorber and 980mm travel which guarantees the smoothness of the walk when the road surface is very uneven, eliminating knocks on the handlebars. The 20×4 rims inches They carry wide tires with lots of ball, with a smooth tread that helps reduce bumps in the road. Both front and rear, it has Hydraulically actuated 180 mm disc brakes from the Radius brand that help stop the vehicle effectively. Current legislation requires the Issimo 45 to have a side mirror, motor vehicle approved lighting and a rear license plate holder.

Regarding the electrical system, the new S-Pedelec version is dominated by a Bafang M600 enginecentrally located, 500W rated power (which is probably electronically limited and can overcome) able to grow up to 120 Nm perfar more than any e-bike motor on the market.

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A powerful 500 W Bafang M600 electric motor and ENVIOLO Heavy Duty transmission allow speeds of up to 45 km/h.

The transmission is a continuously variable transmission ENVIOLO Robust located in the rear hub provides the gearing for the bike. This allows the Issimo 45 to reach a top speed of 45km/h. feed him 600Wh capacity battery which homologates according to its manufacturer 50 kilometers of autonomy with each load. As an option, it can be equipped with a second battery identical to this one which doubles this figure, reaching 100 kilometers in all.

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The 600 Wh battery offers up to 50 kilometers of range, an optional second twin battery doubles that figure.

The S.Pedelec name gives the Issimo 45 the particularity of offer multiple modes of operation selectable via the screen on your handlebars: the Modo Roadmotorway, which is the one that allows you to reach the maximum speed, the Modo Hillslope, which provides maximum torque on slopes and zero mode, which allows you to move forward using only the pedals, without electric assistance. Also includes a mode walking aid this allows you to walk alongside the moped, accompanying it, without having to push it, which is useful for traveling on roads where traffic is prohibited.

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The screen and the controls on the handlebars allow you to change the operating mode of the Fantis Issimo 45.

The selling price of the Fantic Issimo 45 is from 3,590 euros and can be purchased through your websitewhere the two previous mopeds, Issimo Urban and Issimo Fun, are also available.

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