the hopeful reason why he broke his mourning

New times are running for Ana Obregon. His deep sadness at the death of Aless Lequio he will live with her until the last of his days, but little by little he begins to see the light at the end of the tunnel. For months she dared to accept job offers, which at the moment were not lacking, but it was she who managed to find out if she felt ready or not, who decided if it was the right time. . New Year’s galas, promotional events with certain brands and other commitments were the prelude to one of the great projects that the actress is about to launch.

Ana Obregón has publicly expressed her joy in saying goodbye to the mourning in which she has been plunged since the tragic May 13, 2020, she lost the “love” of her life, her only son. And he did it for a good reason, to return to the big screen. “I have broken my mourning for this character in your film, dear Paco Arango”she expressed on her social networks.

Alessandro Lequio’s ex shared some images from the shoot, in which we see her dressed in very bright colors, which is a novelty: “I admit that I look strange dressed in colors after two years, but I did it from the heart for you and for your magnificent solidarity film”, he underlines. The outfits chosen were a Tot-Hom dress and Elisabetta Franchi red outfit, complemented by Louis Vuitton sunglasses and suitcases. In each of them, she was smiling and eager to enjoy this new job.

See Ana Obregon with a attitude so positive and going through stages is cause for joy for those who love him. There were several familiar faces who wanted to show their happiness upon hearing that he was going to be recording a movie again. For Fiona Ferrer it was “divine”, while Silvia Marsó wished her “courage in everything, my darling”. In addition, Ana shared an image with her co-star, Macarena Gómez, to highlight the charitable purpose of this film: “What an honor to be in this wonderful film #miotrojon, directed by my dear @pacoarango_aladina and the great @macarenagomezofficial . But the honor is maximum knowing that it is a solidarity film 100×100 for children with cancer.[email protected] 🙏🏽”, he wrote. This is Arango’s fourth feature film, which has featured well-known faces from the Spanish film scene such as Carmen Maura there Fernando Albizu as protagonists, as well as Olivia Molina, Rossy de Palma and Carlos Santos.

Ana Obregon found in her professional occupation the balm to her suffering: “Work helps me. The pain is just as intense, but instead of being around the clock suffering from pain in my soul and heart, when I work, there are fewer hours”recognized in the pages of the magazine Hi, his trusted header and for whom he reissued the traditional summer inn three years later. A balance sheet different from all the previous ones since all the profits went to the Aless Lequio Foundation for cancer research.

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