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The DS E-Tense performance It is an electric conceptual supercar that the French firm unveiled at the beginning of this same year 2022. During its launch it was specified that this vehicle was nothing more than a sketch on which the brand would be inspired in certain aspects to extract details from future models. . However, Béatrice Foucher herself left the door open to a possible arrival on the market in a limited edition and exclusively for track use.

This came to light after the board’s recent statements to the media Coach during the London Formula E ePrix celebration, which took place last weekend. In said event, DS exhibited the electric concept model, which was able to capture the attention of many followers who were there, which caused its direction to be reconsidered.

Initially, as we have already mentioned, the DS E-Tense Performance was not supposed to land on the commercial production and sales model market, since its very condition as a concept model prevented such a fact. This electric supercar houses a dual electric motor architecture under its body; on the front axle it has a maximum power of 340 CV and 476 on the rear. The combination of the two determines a final power of 816 hp and 8,000 Nm of maximum torque. Thanks to these specifications, the model signs an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2 seconds. However, if produced, the vehicle would feature an updated powertrain.

According to the directive, if a production model of the DS E-Tense Performance becomes a reality, this would house new technology learned from his participation in Formula E, which means that in terms of homologation, it would only be operational for use on closed tracks, which would veto the supercar for use on open roads. As a result, the high production and development costs, the vehicle would be offered for sale under a very loose final invoicewhich would determine a really limited production.

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The production model would house the new technology taken directly from Formula E

Béatrice Foucher did not specify many of the technical details that the model could take, since the idea of ​​making this vehicle a reality was taken after seeing the great interest that the car presented during its exhibition. “We’ll never get into sports cars because that’s not the positioning of the brand, but at the end of the day when everyone saw the prototype, we were like ‘ok, that would be interesting if we could build one or sell this type of car’ even if we haven’t “I haven’t taken that yet. No decision,” the council said in their interview.

Following these conclusions, the board of directors was asked if it would be possible for the technology developed for this supercar to reach other models belonging to the Stellantis group, to which they replied that “obviously, what Stellantis designs in terms of of technology is from high-end transmission brands, Battery and electric models.

In other words, if the management of DS finally decides to launch a performance electric vehicle based on the E-Tense Performance, all the components developed for it could reach other sports vehicles of the group, such as future versions. “QV”. Alfa Romeo, for example. From this equation, we would have to subtract other accessories typical of Formula E and which could not be homologated for use on the open road. In any case, in the coming months it is possible that new news will arrive from DS.

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