Tamara Gorro reappears broken after the death of her “princess”

  • Last Thursday, the daughter of close friends who Tamara Gorro dubbed her ‘princess’ died aged just nine

  • Valeria, who quickly became a hero for her virtual family, had been battling cancer for five years

  • This is how the influencer is after this terrible trance that takes her away from social networks

Last Friday, Tamara Beanie had to make public the most difficult news of his life: that of Valerie’s deaththis fighter of only nine years old who was for her like an “adopted niece” and whom we all knew as your princess’. five years has been facing cancer. Five where his virtual family witnessed his advances, his relapses and his ability to surpass himself. And now both the influencer and the family of this “high-flying” little girl they live a duel very difficult to assimilate.

Almost 48 hours of silence from Móstoles since learning of the minor’s untimely death until she shared the post that confirmed the worst ending. In it, he remembered his “princess” as the “girl with the eternal smile”, as “an example of improvement” who always opted for “strength, energy, desire and love”, no matter how much the “suffering” life brought him to the fore. She also told us how the last hours spent with her had gone: “Even our goodbyes were special and unique.” He even apologized “for not having been able to do more to help and care for you”.

Tamara Gorro reappears after the death of her princess

Her virtual family, still at the foot of the canyon, turned to her. “Sadness overwhelms me and my heart is broken. I didn’t want this ending and I know you didn’t either, there was still a lot to do together,” he confessed in the same farewell letter to Valeria. And while she’s not ready to get back to her normal Instagram business just yet and face this situation head-on, Tamara Gorro wanted to share several stories, be honest about how she is after this death which left a huge void in her and her family.

How does Tamara Gorro feel after Valeria's death?

How does Tamara Gorro feel after Valeria’s death?instagram

“There are not enough words for so much love received. Once again, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, virtual family”, he dedicated to them after having them, once again, in the one of the most difficult moments to digest since they were On his side. In this same text, the one who was a collaborator of television replied insistently to this ‘how are you?’ that they will ask so much of him since the departure of his ‘princess’: “Right now I am disoriented, in shock, anger and pain, a lot of pain”.

As a promise, Tamara Gorro confirmed that as soon as she manages to get some air after what happened, she will put herself in front of the camera to tell how she experienced this strong setback. In the meantime, he encouraged them to follow the Instagram account he founded with Valeria during the little girl’s lifetime. This is “A pinch of magic”, an initiative that aims to raise funds for the Neuroblastoma Foundation, a non-profit organization that, among other things, financially supports research projects on neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer that affects the nervous system.

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