Swimming pool, private concerts and living like an artist, the most exclusive of the Low Festival in Benidorm

In festivals designed to receive 24,000 people a day, unique experiences can be enjoyed. From having a special subscription with access to a swimming pool to seeing an acoustic for 50 people or becoming a group and being able to access the dressing rooms and share them with the headliners. These are just three of the options launched by the Low Festival of Benidorm to create something exclusive for its users. And you don’t have to throw a lot of wallet for all this.

Jose Piñero, promoter of this event through Producciones Baltimore, appreciates being able to have a place like the Guillermo Amor sports city for the facilities it offers especially for this type of action. “The Low VIP experience is unique because nobody has the pool and you can’t live in another festival”he rocks.

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Of the 24,000 people who come every day during the last weekend in July, 2,000 are divided between the VIP area or the VIP Pool. “They are the first to miss”confirms despite its naturally higher price.

Enrique is one of those who take it into account so as not to miss it. “I’ve been coming to Low since 2013 and for me living the VIP Pool experience is a before and after because it’s a very different experience.” In your case enjoy the afternoon “and I come from the pool with beer which is an open bar and which alone compensates my ticket”. Then, “I’m going to change and I come to the festival and between concert and concert you come and it’s like dreams come true.” That’s why he says you buy the ticket when he comes out because “it’s like being in a resort with concerts. And that only happens at the Low Festival.”

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Piñero also explains that with the VIP spaces it is possible to satisfy the commitments that the sponsors must bring their guests and that they live the most pleasant experience possible. If we didn’t have it, it would have to be created.” However, as he points out, “we treat everyone the samethese are very well-appointed spaces, but also those of the public”.

This desire is also reflected in other initiatives accessible only by drawing lots if you already have a ticket for the festival. For example, and without leaving the swimming pool, with acoustic concerts for 50 people.

Enrique, VIP Pool fan, dreams come true.

Enrique, VIP Pool fan, “dreams come true”.

This year it’s back to school Anni B. Sweet, the one who captures the testimony of groups like Love of Lesbian, Izal or The Red Room. Through the festival’s Instagram and supported by the Vibra Mahou campaign, they are raffling off the possibility of going in public on Saturday morning to the venue’s swimming pool to attend an acoustic performance that includes a barbecue, or like this year, Senyoret rice.

This can produce stories as curious as that of a couple of friends who claim that one of them is getting married the same afternoon, but the bride “didn’t want to come because he had a lot of trouble with the preparations”. So the alleged boyfriend decides not to miss the live with the author of Have a good trip and even offer a beer to the singer herself.

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By lottery and already asking for more fantasy is the latest of the initiatives with which to offer something different to the public who come to this festival in Benidorm. Lady Vaga, Nervis and Oxymoron These are three fictional bands that were created by Low’s followers. The challenge was to create a biography with enough personality to be the protagonists of a day.

Lady Vaga is four friends who form a group for a day.

Lady Vaga is four friends who form a group for a day.

And that’s what Natalia and her friends did on Instagram when they invented Lady Vaga. “It’s seeing a festival from a perspective we never imagined see,” he says in the backstage bar as the Dorians walk past him for their performance.

Vanessa, who is taking part in this festival for the first time, recounts it with the enthusiasm of someone who received the greatest stroke of luck of her life with this draw. “The sensations of feeling like a star that you pick up at the hotel with your family runnerwe have been in the pool with Joe Crepúsculo we met León Benavente and we shared an elevator with Nathy Peluso. Fall dead already!”, he summarizes.

Surprise the follower with new ideas that also serve to attract those who do not yet know the festival This is the challenge that the organizers must set themselves. As Piñero concludes, “in the end, it is an experience to have better services because everything is worked and produced quite well”.

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