Supermarket war: Lidl and Consum go strong, Dia and Alcampo sink

The pandemic has strengthened most supermarkets, which have seen their turnover increase. Since 2020, these chains have been fighting hard to be the ones that attract the most consumers to their shelves. However, not everyone suffers the same fate.

mercadona She is the undisputed leader of this fight. According to the latest data published by Kantar, the chain chaired by Juan Roig has a market share of 25.6%, more than double that of the second, Carrefour. Its own brand and its competitive prices are the two main assets of Mercadona to impose itself with force on its competitors.

In 2021, its sales were 25.154 million, which represents an increase of 7.7% since the start of the pandemic and 27% in 5 years, as evidenced by the company in its presentation of the results of the previous year.

For its part, Carrefour is trying to follow in the footsteps of Mercadona. the french channel billed 9.471 million in 2021, which represents a growth of 7.6% since the start of the pandemic. Carrefour has a very powerful online store, which sets it apart from its competitors. In addition, he significantly increased the number of stores through the purchase of supersol.

However, the 2 chains that have made the most progress are Lidl and Consum. According public Expansion, the German chain closed 2021 with net sales of 5,144 million euros in Spain, which means that its turnover increased by 17% in 2 years, increasing its sales by 746 million over this period. In 5 years, their income has increased by 54%.

lidl It was able to take advantage of its commercial proposition based on many own brands with a reduced assortment and competitive prices, which appealed to consumers. In addition, its situation has been strengthened thanks to the opening of stores, betting on giving an image of local commerce.

The most surprising growth was that of the Consum cooperative. The Spanish company has managed to outperform giants like Alcampo, with a market share of 3.2%, becoming the sixth national group with the most consumers.

Consum’s sales last year were 3,379 million euros, or only 1.62%. However, the growth from 2019 to date has been incredible, with an increase of 15%. Although the Valencian cooperative has also expanded its network, it is already present throughout the Mediterranean coast, in Aragon and Castile-La Mancha, its main strength being its wide assortment at competitive prices. Moreover, as it is a regional supermarket, it differs from the big chains by its local products.

However, the chains that stand out the most in this battle are Dia, Eroski and Alcampo. Of the three, Dia is the one with the best position. Although it has managed in recent months to improve its position and occupies fourth place in the ranking with 4.7% of the shares, the reality is that the Spanish chain controlled by foreign investment funds has been gradually losing sales since 2015.

Eroski’s crisis started in 2012. Although during the pandemic it managed to increase its sales figures again, this growth was short-lived and now they have fallen again by 5.5%. Its market share was reduced by the number of establishments it had to sell because they were not profitable.

Finally, Alcampo is the chain that closes the Kantar podium with a 3% market share. Its decline began during the pandemic, as it was the only supermarket that did not increase sales. The group closed 2021 with gross sales of 3,921 million euros, which equates to net sales of approximately 2,900 million euros.

If these 3 chains do not want to lose ground in this battle and not be relegated, with all the risks that this entails in terms of profitability, they must seek a plan B which allows them to gain market share, by attracting new consumers to their shelves.

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