Sony, Ubisoft, Amazon, Google and more weigh in on Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard

The Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard It is arguably the most important business move in video game history. A large number of licenses will become property of the xbox companywhich can raise all kinds of opinions.

And the most relevant are those of the competitors themselves. As we know, the agreement between the two brands is still pending. approved by regulatory bodies such as the FTC or the European Union, from Brazil have also activated a similar process.

As revealed from It will reset, the Brazilian government is particularly transparent when it comes to showing public documents for situations like these. One of the sections shows that she asked companies in the sector about their vision of the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, which implies the official opinion of Sony, Ubisoft or Warner Bros.

For example, in the case of PlayStation, the position most contrary to the agreement is found, since it considers that a franchise as Call of Duty requires a huge budget with thousands of employees around. Few companies in the world could generate a similar saga and he thinks the brand of war is practically a category of games in itself.

Taking this into account, Sony points out that Call of Duty is mostly relevant when it comes to influencing users on which console to choose. On the other hand, he criticized that subscription services can be anti-competitive with publishers recouping large investments in games by selling them for an upfront fee. In turn, they point to a possible decline in the quality of the works.

Call of Duty

In the case of Warner Bros., they are keeping a low profile on their opinion of the deal, only emphasizing that they consider for the moment that the door to the industry is open enough. If we look towards Ubisoft, they are also not alarmed by the purchase.

The French company recognizes the rise of subscription services, with its presence in the new PS Plus, and believes that should not be distinguished as another form of market. Going to Bandai Namco, the company points out that there are enough competitors of Call of Duty as Battlefield oh valueindicating that each game is unique.

At Riot Games, they think Naughty Dog is a big contender in Activision Blizzard’s deal with Microsoft to make AAA games. Again they mention a list of games that can compete with the most powerful franchises of the company led by Bobby Kotick, move away from the idea of ​​an anti-competitive tendency. Plus, they trust Microsoft to keep their word that multi-platform franchises will retain this status.

Looking at tech multinationals, there are versions of all kinds. Apple remains very distant and most of the information it has provided has been hidden, while Amazon admits that it does not have enough information to value the purchase.

In the case of Google, they again mention alternatives to World of Warcraft, Call of Duty oh candy Crush and point out that there will still be enough publishers in the industry after the purchase. Finally, Meta was concise and like Apple, its information was withheld.

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