Sixteen hour wait in Palma

Rosalie revolutionize Mallorca. A hundred people were already queuing this Monday morning at the gates of the Trui Son Fusteret site, waiting for the long-awaited singer concert. Nerves on edge, everyone came well equipped to face up to sixteen hours of waiting which were still in front of them, with umbrellas, portable coolers, beach chairs and even mats to rest on. And, above all, with plenty of water and food.

The first in line showed up. at 05:45. Felipe Cortes I was looking for a companion on Twitter to go to the concert and Sofia Valassi and Alex Martin, both 18 years old and residents of Capdepera, were encouraged to accompany him. To sit in the very front row and enjoy his idol, Felipe showed up before dawn and took turns throughout the day with his two new friends. Bit by bit, throughout the morning, other admirers of the Catalan artist continued to arrive, early risers for a concert on a torrid August day, scheduled for 10 p.m., a symptom of the absolute devotion of the Majorcan public. “We came so early because we want to be in the front row and we heard that He takes some of them dancing on stage” said Daniel Giralt19 years old and Consell.

“We brought sunscreen, lots of food, six bottles of water to stay hydrated. We really want it, it’s going to be hard, but we’re going to endure, it’s not the first time we’ve the fact,” said a deputy. Good organization and shifts They did not stop enduring such a hard day until the evening: “In a while, my boyfriend will come to replace me so that I can go change and get ready for the big moment,” Claudia said. Raquel took the opportunity to do her hair and get ready. And it is that, in spite of the conditions, all have looked at cautious aspects for the encounter. Along the queue, red and white predominated and the title of the latest album could be read on homemade t-shirts, fans and even on fingernails, Motomami. A real phenomenon. In the meantime, they wasted no time. There were those who took the opportunity to write on posters that would take hours later. All to the sound of Rosalía’s songs that some of them listened to, sang and even danced.

Rosalia in Mallorca
Alex Martín, Sofía Valassi and Felipe Cortés, the first in the long queue. Photo: MA, Canellas.
Rosalia in Mallorca
Posters already prepared by fans. Photo: MA, Canellas.

Around 3 p.m., the contained nerves exploded listening to the last rehearsals of Rosalía, present a few meters away. There are those who even shed tears of emotion, like emma fields17 years old: “I’ve been listening to him since 2017, since he released his first album, Angels. Rosalía is a woman who gives you a lot of peace and makes you feel empowered.” Attentive and accompanying what they heard from the still distant scene, they listened I think of you look there despise, themes that the Catalan will most likely interpret. Among the majority of the young audience, a 13-year-old boy stood out, “very nervous” before what will be his first concert: “Sometimes They say they don’t understand what she’s singing, but I totally understand her“.

Come from all over the world

this is the last concert that the singer will give in Spain, then he will go to Latin America. Therefore, it is not surprising that she became the year and gathers such expectation. “We came from Cordoba to be able to see it, we chose Mallorca because for Madrid they sold out faster, so our second option was this”. others come from Barcelona: “A little over a week ago she played there but I couldn’t go, I talked about it with a friend and we came, although we are also planning to go to Portugal to see her”. There were also fans from other countries, like from Italy: “I arrived on the 28th and, as my stay coincided with the concert, I decided to take advantage of the occasion” or of France, like Emma, ​​who went early to Son Fusteret with a friend, also from Toulouse: “We came to see Rosalía. He’s going to France in December, but we couldn’t wait that long.”

The heat of this first day of August does not blame the desire of the hundreds of Rosalía fans who, moved by the formidable illusion, hope to fully enjoy the experience. And, despite the long hours of waiting in full sun, the desire was maintained and even increased at times. “We are expecting a wonderful concert because Rosalía is a Grande from Spain“, condemned, with force and conviction, Miguel José Carbonell.

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