‘Sálvame’ message to Mediaset-licensed hair and makeup team: ‘You have our support’

A month ago, Kiko Hernandez entered Save me unworthy asking for “makeup and hairdressing for everyone, like everywhere”. He explained that since the pandemic broke out, Telecinco has stopped doing makeup and hair styling for the team, except for the presenters. “They won’t make up anyone because that’s what they decided from above. It only happens in this chain in Spain” Lydia Lozano also lamented.

Kiko Hernández's complaint to Telecinco for not having invented them:

Kiko Hernández’s complaint to Telecinco for not having invented them: “I demand justice and equality”

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And Mediaset reacted to the request but by doing the opposite of what the collaborators wanted: this Monday, August 1, it decided dispense with the make-up and hair department and laid off all of its workers.

Something that did not go unnoticed on Monday’s show, where everyone stood up to express their regret for what happened: “The whole team wants to give a very strong kiss, including make-up, sound, direction, production. Everybody. A very strong kiss to those who have been our confidants, our coach”. To which Gema López added: “They embellished us, they loved us”.

Terelu Campos took the floor to say, on behalf of all, the following: “We want to send a huge kiss and all our support to the best team of professionals, to the best makeup and hair team on any television in this country. And I say that knowingly. You have our love, support and friendship that we have forged over the years. And that’s the best thing we have between them and us.”

He pointed out that “they have been our tissue of tears, they have been in our good times and in our bad times. And they supported us all, that each one of us belongs to our mother and our father”he said in reference to the confidences that were made behind the scenes with certain workers with whom they also spent many hours and moments of intimacy.

Adela González, Lydia Lozano, Rafa Mora, Laura Fa and Marta Lopez They also joined in the tribute paid to these professionals, with a “we will miss you” accompanied by applause.

Some layoffs that come after Mediaset’s economic profit

The decision to Mediaset Spain it only arrives four days later publish its strong growth in the second quarter driven by content sales. A profit of more than 95 million eurosa net profit of 11.2% through June.

A contradiction that increases unease among workers – as the union branch itself shared – after learning that the company reached an EBITDA of 71.7 million in the second quarter, or 16.5% more, which represents a margin on net income of 31.6%.

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