Rubén Sánchez charged against ‘Survivors’ and his speech during the final debate

The Final debate of Survivors 2022 He had a bit of everything, including a “slap on the wrist” from one of his contestants on the show himself.

Latest 'Survivors 2022' debate revealed final percentages, with resounding absence

Latest ‘Survivors 2022’ debate revealed final percentages, with resounding absence

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In addition to reveal your final percentagesof not being able to count on Nacho Palau, and of strong anger between Kiko Matamoros and Desy (in which she told the collaborator of Save me which was “the worst in the history” of reality), Ruben Sanchez Montesinos depending on the program and its address.

The one who was second excluded from the edition, who went through the contest with more pain than glory, took advantage of the fact that Charles Sovereign He asked them all what cost them the most to bring attention to how the program decided not to have him at the galas, without inviting him on set.

After criticizing the fact that some colleagues did not want to accept it and attacked him, he blurted out: “I was not given the opportunity and now I can say it, I am free from the gag. What no sunday or tuesday was brought to me because it seemed that they were afraid of me or did not want to listen to me or see the Rubén Sánchez Montesinos that we all know”.

Rubén Sánchez continued: “In the streets they gave me a warmth and affection that was not shown to me here, just as the Morgan pirate, Óscar Vega, did not give me my mother’s letter for Mother’s Day, because it was not shown to my motherwho spent 13 months in a hospital before I got on that reality TV show,” and concluded, “No one cared who Rubén Sánchez Montesinos was, what sisters, what neighbors, what family. .. I did not have the opportunity to meet myself as a survivor”.

While Sobera let her do the talking, the defender survivors was Anabel Pantoja, who intervened to say: “You have come to compete in survivors. how ungrateful you are, with the opportunity given to you”. But Rubén Sánchez went ahead without further ado, and spoke of himself in the third person: “Rubén Sánchez Montesinos is much loved in the streets, the public, the networks… and it’s the warmth and the greatest gift I take with me”.

After letting him finish, it was Charles Sovereign the speaker: “I’m going to tell you two things: first, today is Sunday and you’re here because we all want you to be here. And two, whether you think what you think, in this program you were very well liked”. The presenter then added, addressing the contestant, that of the rest of the contestants he had taken his families, and even traveled, “because they’ve been there a lot longer than you, you quickly disappeared. And that happens with those who leave very quickly, but It’s not personal”.

Even so, Rubén insisted: “Rubén Sánchez Montesinos as a survivor did not show up. I had a mother on the verge of death, who left her half cured before entering and you don’t worry”, which also made the winner Alejandro Nieto jump: “I did not see my mother or my father until three months later. But where were you going? It was Sobera who closed the topic: “You have to differentiate real life from the life of the competition”continuing the gala but not before Rubén had made an impact: “I have a lot to say and a lot must be heard, because there is information that has been hidden and a lot of damage has been done”.

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