RTVE.es presents the trailer for “The Rite of Spring”, by Fernando Franco

RTVE.es presents the trailer for Spring consecration, the third feature film by director Fernando Franco, What will compete for the Golden Shell at the 70th San Sebastian International Film Festivalwhich will be held from September 16 to 24, 2022. The film, which has the participation of RTVE, hits theaters September 30.

This will be the third time that the Sevillian filmmaker has taken part in the Official Selection of Zinemaldia, after his first film in 2013, The injury, will win the Special Jury Prize and the Silver Shell for Best Actress for Marian Álvarez; and that in 2017 he presented his second film, Die.

Fernando Franco admits that: “Since The injury it’s clear my taste for a cinema based on the psychological portrait of characters who go through emotional situations of vital crossroads. Laura comes from a conservative background that has nothing to do with what she finds in David’s house, a kind of oasis of tolerance to which she is not at all used. His passage to maturity will consist, fundamentally, in rethinking the notions he had instilled in himself and in realizing that everything is much more ambiguous than certain Manichaean moral categorizations. He is a character that inevitably relates to this situation that we have all, in one way or another, gone through: emancipation, abandonment of the nest and consolidation of one’s own personality”.

Fernando Franco with the protagonists of the film

With Valeria Sorolla, Telmo Irureta and Emma Suarez

Spring consecration introduces us to Laura (Valèria Sorolla), who has just arrived in Madrid to move into a university residence and study chemistry. Alone and penniless, she tries to adjust to her college life while dealing with her insecurities. One night, by chance, she meets David (Telmo Irureta), a boy with cerebral palsy who lives with his mother, Isabella (Emma Suarez). Laura starts with them a relationship of mutual trust that helps you overcome your complexes and take a new step towards maturity. Spring consecration This is the story of that vital moment when anything is possible and how the most unexpected encounter can change our lives.

Filmed between February and March 2022 in Granada and Madrid, Spring consecration is played by Valeria Sorolla in his first job in a feature film; Telmo Irureta (steal you one night2018; Nomophobia, 2017); there Emma Suarez (Goya Award for Best Leading Actress for The dog at the gardener1996 y Juliet, 2016; Goya for Best Supporting Actress for the next skin, 2016; Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts, 2020).

A moment from the filming of ‘The Rite of Spring’

Directed by Fernando Franco (The injury, 2012; Dying, 2017) based on a screenplay written by Franco and Begona Arostegui, Spring consecration has santiago racaj (Summer 19932017; The Virgin of August2019; magic girl2014) as director of photography. Carmen Albacete (The Incredible Descending Weekend2019) is in charge of the artistic direction. Miguel Bent is the assemblerblack beach2020; anti-disturbance2020; Josefina2021). Esther Vaquero (The turtle maneuver2022; Operation Shrimp2021; The author2017) is responsible for the costumes. Manuel Calvo (Juliet2015 ; Die2016; champ2017) is the assistant director. Maria Liano (Emperor Code2022; unit2020) is in charge of make-up and Raphael Mora (Who will sing for you?2018; the minimal island2014) from the hairdresser.

Spring consecration is a production of LAZONA (Jaime Ortiz de Artiñano, Gonzalo Salazar-Simpson), Kowalski Films (Koldo Zuazua), Ferdydurke Films and Blizzard Films. Guadalupe Balaguer Trelles and Merche Herranz Llorente are executive producers. It has the participation of RTVE, Canal Sur, EiTB, Movistar Plus+ and Cosmopolitan; the collaboration of the Community of Madrid; the support of the Andalusian Agency of Cultural Institutions; and ICAA funding. It will be distributed in Spain by La Aventura and international sales are handled by Film Factory. Its theatrical release is scheduled for fall 2022.

We also offer (under these lines), the teaser-poster of the film, work of Begoña Arostegui, film co-writer. Begoña is a director and screenwriter of the short film YOproduced by Ferdydurke Films, premiered at Annecy in 2021 and winner of, among others, the Alcalá de Henares Alcine Festival or the Malaga Film Festival.

Teaser-poster of the film, work of Begoña Arostegui

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