Risk of battery fire in BMW i4 and BMW iX, recalled

The bone new electric cars from BMW have served the German brand to begin to develop in a remarkable way in the electric market. But the BMWi4and the BMW iXThey just got a recall because it was discovered that they were suffering from battery fire hazard. The NHTSA has recommended that ‘don’t charge them, don’t drive them and do not park them near other vehicles or inside buildings that could catch fire.

The owners of 83 units of the BMWi4and of BMW iX, just had a Warning from BMW because their vehicles suffer from battery fire hazard. These are the eDrive40 and M50 units in the case of the BMW i4, and the xDrive50 and M60 units in the case of the BMW iX. BMW and the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) sent a notice to their owners advising them to does not charge carsno more conduct nor do you park near other vehicles or inside buildings that could catch fire.

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The problem in the battery of BMW i4 and BMW iX, what happened?

Nail Search BMW found that the cells of the battery of these cars that we mentioned earlier could have suffered a default during its manufacture. Triggered by certain incidents in the United States and other markets, the German manufacturer’s investigation revealed that the license plate of the cathode of a cell it could have been damaged during the manufacture of these same cells. And the problem is that if cathode debris gets loose inside the cell, it can cause a short circuit that starts a fire.

According to BMW’s instructions, the defective cells which affected 27 units of the BMW i4 and 56 units of the BMW iX come from Samsung SDI, one of BMW’s suppliers for these two models. In addition to this provider, they also have CATL for the mass production of its cells which, yes, were developed in its Battery Competence Center. And fortunately, according to BMW’s indications as well, they are not aware of any accidents or injuries resulting from this issue.

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The automaker will offer its customers concerned and ‘alternative transport until parts are available’, are installed in the vehicles concerned and can be returned to their owners. Although the notification letters will be sent to the customers affected since September 19, according to official indications, from BMW they assured that the customers were already contacted by telephone. And it’s not the first manufacturer this has happened to, but the Chevrolet Bolt had a very similar problem Recently. And in this case, it was LG’s fault.

The most worrying thing, yes, is that it’s the second time they have to make one BMW iX and BMW i4 recall, in just two months. The first call from the German manufacturer concerned a possible software bug. This time, the risk of fire to the batteries of the cars concerned seems even more worrying than the previous case.

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