Ric Flair fights for the last time at 73

HThere is a fine line that separates genius from madness and without a doubt ric flair he likes to walk on it. Recklessness is the friend of the brave and it is only possible to think like this at 73 and after being in a near-death hospital just five (remember he was given extreme unction) Ric Flair has the idea to get in the ring one more time and yes, to “Nature Boy”, the legend, the person and the character more than personality, twice a member of WWE Hall of Fame Nothing else came to mind but fighting last night in Nashville, enjoying the lure of the big event of the summer that was SummerSlam held in that same city the night before. .

Whether out of curiosity to see how he was at 73 or to pay homage to the great myth for eternity, fans and also many WWE legends who coincided with him as Bret Hart or Undertaker, They came last night to support him and Flair obviously couldn’t leave anyone indifferent.

Between friends the game is happening

The show put on by Jim Crockett Promotions came in its main event with the tag team match between Ric Flair and his son-in-law Andrade (husband of his daughter Charlotte Flair and WWE Superstar) against Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal and absolutely nothing went wrong. missing summer: entrance video, luxury spectators at ringside and Ric Flair walking out on stage with the original championship of said promotion that gave him so many nights of glory… and obviously blood, sweat and tears (literally) after Flair and Andrade won in the best possible way and how he spent much of his career “cheating” and beating his rival with metal fists.

But really the fight itself was the least of it. Over the past few months, we’ve been treated to training videos of Flair running from side to side of the ring, taking punches and jumping off the top rope. All beautiful and scary at the same time. Needless to say, it was Flair himself who made sure things were tied and tight between his closest family members if anything untoward happened between the ropes. At the end of the evening, two doctors of his greatest confidence were able to certify the perfect physical condition of the veteran fighter who, according to their words: “He is just very hungry and can’t wait to eat something and go to celebrate with his friend. and rock star Kid Rock.

In this way, Ric Flair joined this growing cast of fighters last night who are coming back from retirement many years later. That same year we saw how “Stone Cold” Steve Austin decided to lace up his boots and fight at WrestleMania 38 against Kevin Owens after 19 years of inactivity and perhaps the second most notorious case is that of Shawn Michaels who, all for the dough, decided to return to a special hosted in Saudi Arabia in 2018 after having his perfect retirement in the 2010 WrestleMania 26 bout falling to Undertaker.

The perfect goodbyes do exist and indeed Ric Flair has already had his in front of a Shawn Michaels who offered him one of the most emblematic images of his career just before hitting him with the Superkick. It was WrestleMania 24 and that’s how it should have been remembered.

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