Real Madrid: The “Bermuda Triangle” challenges its rivals and the new generation

Lthat the press conferences of Carlo Ancelotti These are football and life lessons. He left there definitions of his players which were pasted on his name. A little over a year ago, in Vitoria, he baptized Nacho as The pessimistic defender to highlight the youth team’s ability to focus and always prepare for the worst. The game against Juventus in Los Angeles he left another one of those Carletto signature labels that are here to stay.

“I to Casemiro, Kroos and Modric I called them the Bermuda Triangle, because in their area the ball disappears”, said the Real Madrid coach to praise the play of his midfield, of this key trio to analyze how the white team which has marked an era in world football based on winning Champions after Champions since 2014.

Ancelotti belongs to a generation that grew up with the legend, the books and the movies of the mysterious disappearance of planes and ships in the triangle formed by the Bermuda, Puerto Rico and the Miami Coast.

The CMK movement which clearly draws the Bermuda triangle according to Ancelotti

He referred to this paranormal case after the 2-0 against the Juventus to enhance a unique midfield. This is not another message. Because beyond the nickname, Ancelotti warns those who want an immediate replacement that their plan does not go through this, no matter how low they get Chuamni, Camavinga and Ceballos. Fede Valverde it’s something else, because The little bird turned into falcon he already secured the starting job last season by convincing his coach that his football and energy won out over the plan of maintaining a 4-3-3 with clean plays.

Friendly: Record and goals of Real Madrid 2-0 Juventus

Carlo Ancelotti It is clear that to dismantle the CMK you have to put a lot of football carats in the field. And not just what everyone sees. Why him Bermuda Triangle patents so many mechanisms in its operation that the team’s game depends a lot, in both parts of the field, on how they understand each other. It’s one thing to prepare for the substitution, for which Madrid have worked conscientiously and with the certainty that it will be a transcendental moment; Another is that no matter how energetic those who arrive, they are able to assault the title without the holy trinity of four champions sending signs of weakness. And the match against Juventus specify that the Bermuda They are not tasked with raising another white flag other than being the European champion’s midfield leaders.

thing before

The Bermuda Triangle enter this world of football and literature in which the attackers are the ones who almost always receive the praise and the nicknames. We’re barely past the time of the BBC and MSN, but the story goes back a long way.

In Spain it was the in the face of fear of Seville, which in the 1920s opened a path joined by many: those of Silk and Crystal (Atlético de Madrid), the magnificent five (Zaragoza), the Stucco (Sevilla), the Five Merengues (Real Madrid), the wonders (Athletics)… And outside of Spain it is perhaps the river machine the one who made the most ink.

The history of football has left legendary midfielders, football building machines that marked an era and generated styles of play. But when it comes to baptizing them, we do not find the ease with which we does it with attackers. in Barcelona, Xavi, Busquets and Iniesta they built something unique around the ball, a way of playing that Guardiola exploited to the fullest. The Brazil 70 formed around the idea of ​​bringing together number 10 in the team, which continued in 1982 with Socrates, Cerezo, Falcao and Zico. The European champion of France in 1984 had his touch in the midfield of the cinema: Tigana, Giresse, Platini, Larios, Genghin… The Sacchi’s Milan was that of the Dutch, but in their engine room Ancelotti, Donadoni, Evani and Colombo give tactical lessons…

The trio they form Casmiro, Modric and Kroos He is on par with the best centers in the field in history. In fact, it’s full of arguments against being the best of the best. We will always talk about them as the triangle that led Madrid to be European champions four times between 2016 and 2022. The one with the Bermuda, the one who makes the ball disappear in his area to the great despair of his opponents. His “curse” is still powerful. Their enemies know it and also those who aspire to their positions from within.

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