Omar Sánchez ends the weekend in hospital for a health problem

Omar Sánchez is one of the undisputed protagonists of the weekend. This Saturday he starred in an emotional reunion with Anabel Pantoja in Let yourself be loved, a very moving meeting that gave a lot to say. The ex-partner has gone viral due to their reunion, and the canary’s attitude has been widely applauded. However, just a few hours after all this, the young man made several headlines again, but this time in a more alarming way. Omar shared an image from the hospital this Sunday, and after undergoing tests he revealed what his diagnosis is.

The day was going well for the canary. From what we could see on his Instagram account, he had a perfect Sunday morning, enjoying the beach and his friends. However, things went wrong. The young man shared an image this afternoon in which you can see how he is in a medical center where they had to administer drugs through a vein. The canary initially alarmed his fans, as he only reported that he had a fever. He also revealed that doctors were performing tests on him.

Omar Sánchez shares a photo in the hospital

Omar Sánchez shares a photo in the hospital

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Finally, a few hours later, he telephoned live on Yit’s summer and he said he had already been diagnosed, which calmed down his die-hard fans. Anabel Pantoja’s ex-husband said they tested him for covid and he was negative, however, he was diagnosed with bronchitis. Sánchez explained that this illness would require him to rest for a few days, in order to recover and return to work.

The truth is that the canary has been very applauded in recent hours. His attitude with Anabel Pantoja during their reunion was admirable. The young man dedicated some of the most beautiful words to his ex-girlfriend. “I have no complaints about you. I would like your infatuation to come back to me. I was confident that it could be because I don’t consider you a bad aunt. When you fall in love, you are so crazy and it happened like that, I won’t forget four years and I still have everything I lived through, with marriage, with the people we met… And it’s true that I would have changed some things in the contest… Don’t keep asking for forgiveness, you’ve already done that and that’s it,” Omar said trying to hold back tears.

Anabel Pantoja faced reality and saw the faces with her husband, Omar Sánchez

Anabel Pantoja and Omar Sánchez in ‘Let yourself be loved’

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For her part, Anabel also managed to excite the public. “I didn’t mean to hurt you. Forgive me. The damage is done. Thinking about it and putting myself in your shoes, I don’t know if I would have taken the plane directly. But there I have everything forgot a bit and i was like in a bubble and well, what happened happened i can’t look you in the eye it’s amazing everything we’ve been through has not gone away . I hope you will not forget this beautiful day we spent, that is to say when we got married”, sentenced Anabel.

What an intense day for Omar. The young man was joined by the emotional hangover due to the broadcast of his reunion with Anabel with this setback in health. From now on, the canary will have to concentrate on its full recovery for a few days. Shows of support from his supporters will surely help him recover from this setback.

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