Monday, August 1, 2022

It’s the horoscope prediction by zodiac sign for Monday August 1, 2022. Check your connection at


Mars will be dissonant and you will notice it because today your nerves will be on edge and you will be more stubborn and radical than usual, for anything that doesn’t matter you can explode in anger and even break off a relationship. ‘friendship. But it’s just a passing storm, you should try to calm down.


Love will cause you trouble or pain. A very important relationship for you does not go as you would like, you always fight for this person, but you never have it fully. With each passing day, you suspect more that dreams go one way, but reality might go another way.


Today the planets will not be totally in your favor and it will make you be more impatient than usual, take more risks or leave a path that you had already well channeled to take a sharp turn and embark on a any other matter. overboard a safer and more flourishing situation.


You are seriously thinking about making a big change in your life, maybe moving away and starting over somewhere else and with different relationships. You think that this way your burdens will be solved and your soul will find true peace, but this is a big mistake because only the place will change, but you will remain the same.


You must be careful with discussions and family conflicts, with your partner or your children, today the spirits are going to be very hot and any small incident can get out of hand and bring you consequences that would later make you sad. What was just a heated debate could eventually lead to a crisis.


You must put aside the past and put all your energies and illusions into the future. Deep down inside you, what left your life suited you and served you. But what is really worth is still to come, both in love and in other areas. It’s time to hope even if you don’t believe it.


Everything is fine or at least that’s how those around you see it, however, you don’t end up relaxing or feeling good, as if something inside you senses that you will soon have to face something bad or that your feet rest on quicksand. Don’t worry, everything is fine, nothing threatens you.


The new month presents itself with excellent economic and material prospects, it is even possible that a surprise will be in store for you or that you will find unexpected help. The influence of the Sun augurs you material successes or a stroke of luck in this area, you will even be lucky if you have to work this month.


Happiness is knocking at your door at the beginning of the month of leisure and vacation, but if you had to work, the same will also happen. It’s a great time for love and friendship, for cultivating what you have, and also for opening up to other new relationships. You will also give the best of yourself as a person.


On this day when many start their vacation, you feel like doing a lot of things, traveling, moving, solving pending issues or just working, in case you can’t enjoy this vacation. It’s a good time for you, you feel it and therefore you want to mobilize.


The new month begins with blockages and difficulties for you, and it does not matter if you start your vacation or if you have to work. Do not expect great misfortunes, but in general everything tends to go a little wrong or turn out differently than you expected. Don’t worry, this is just a passing trend.


Don’t listen to siren songs or wolf howls, go confident and bite the bullet. Don’t let anything break you down, if you have to work, fight and give your best, and if you start your vacation, do it with enthusiasm and enjoy this leisure you have so deserved. Fears are only in your head.

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