Mixed equity fund shareholders fell 10% in the first quarter


Shareholders of variable-income mixed funds fell 10.45% in the first quarter, while international fixed-income mixed funds fell 9.7%, according to collective investment funds (CII) statistics published by the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) on Monday.

Conversely, euro stocks and international stocks rose by 11.14% and 11.87% respectively.

At the end of the first quarter of the year, the agency had 1,455 investment funds and 2,280 investment companies, as well as 10 free investment SIIs, nine free investment SII funds and one free SII company. of investment.

The sicav closed March with 2,249 entities, ie 1.4% less than a year ago, so this statistic does not yet include the liquidation of these companies after the reform of their tax regime.

Euro bond funds stood at 202, one less than in the previous quarter, while international bond funds fell to 60, from 61 at the end of 2021. International variable income mixed funds fell from 161 to 165, and those of international equities, from 307 to 319.

The number of participants in investment funds increased by 3.14% in the first three months of the year to 16.3 million, while that of investment companies fell by 16.72% to 291,400 .

Assets of investment funds stood at 316,020 million euros in the first quarter, down 2.67%, while those of investment companies fell by 4.78% to 27,139 million.

The assets of foreign IICs marketed in Spain recorded a decrease of 17.75%, to 227,194 million, with a decrease of 12.03% in the assets of the investment funds of these entities and of 18.63% of the companies.


Passive management CCIs are those which recorded the strongest growth in subscriptions in the first quarter, with an increase of 187%, to 1,303 million, followed by money market UCITS, which saw theirs increase by 61.1% to 1,721 million. .

On the other hand, subscriptions to mixed international variable income vehicles fell by 26.31% in the first quarter and stood at 97 million.

With regard to redemptions, these increased by 320% in partial guarantee funds and by 131% in the case of international equity funds.

Thus, money market funds recorded an increase in net redemptions of 572%, from 34 million redemptions to 233 million, while fixed income securities in euros recorded an increase in net subscriptions of 115%, to 4,362 million. .

In the first quarter of the year, all categories posted negative returns. Euro equity funds stand out among all, with 5.62% in red, while money market funds leave only 0.18% over this period.

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