Messages on Android are transformed with the latest update

Google Messages, apps that will transform after the last update for now in beta phase, has been for a long time more than just an SMS app. Although it was designed for SMS and MMS, since 2019 Google has wanted to compete with WhatsApp with the integration of RCS, a chat function that would happen to SMS and which is included in the most modern mobile tariffs.

You can use it to send photos, unlimited texts, video calls and much more. Currently it is included by default with Android, so everyone who buys a mobile with this operating system has it.

Now a new Gmail feature It will also be available to new users thanks to the fact that it reaches Google messages. If you want to know what it is and how it will be achieved, read on.

Swipe actions are coming

By default, you can file quickly unwanted conversations by swiping when you are on the app home screen, no matter where you swipe. These swipe options are complicated since the introduction of full gesture navigation in Android 10, which can cause you to unintentionally send conversations to the archives. And much more in recent months.

It was announced a long time ago that the Google Messages service should get the customizable swipe gestures that are known and that many users already appreciate in Gmail. Now it will be possible sooner than you imagine.

With the new update, if you swipe left or right on a message in your inbox, you’ll find various actions available and you can decide what to do. Google offers us several options (archive or delete) and even swipe gestures can be disabled completely if they bother you. For example, if you were confused with the gesture and did not want to perform any action.


Even though doesn’t have as many features as Gmail, at least for now, will be very convenient for many users who can easily delete, archive or do nothing with their messages. This new feature similar to how Google Mail works is called Swipe Actions, and it might be available to more users very soon.

With it, you will be able to decide which option interests you the most when you swipe instead of something happening by default and sending messages to the file unintentionally.

Available in beta and awaiting news

This is currently available in the settings Google Messages Betaso that the launch of this novelty will take place in the the next weeks.

Google Messages users will soon be able to decide what to do when they swipe left or right. If you get the beta, you might be able to try it out now, although it’s best to wait until it’s fully and safely implemented.

It will be one of news that has been talked about coming to Google Messages In the coming months. Although there have been many leaks and announcements in recent months, for now there is little real news and it will also reach here internationally.

In less than we imagine, we will know which are the best ones that Google decides to implement in its messaging service.

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