Mediaset lays off 18 make-up artists and hairstylists to outsource the department

This Monday, August 1, Save me trigger all alarms send an emotional message to her fellow hairdressers and make-up artists. Specific, Lydia Lozanor interrupted the course of the show to say the following: “The whole team wants to give a very strong kiss to those who have been our confidants, our coaches…”, to which Terelu added his support”to the best team of make-up and hair professionals of all the television channels in this country”.

“You have our love, you have our support, but above all we have the friendship that we have forged over many years,” added the presenter, pointing out that the channel’s hairdressers and makeup artists “they were our canvas of tearsThey supported all of us.”

Finally, Lydia sent “a very big kiss to everyone” and assured that they were going to miss them, while Terelu settled the matter with a reflection: “Life is about changes”. “I hope we will meet very soon“, expressed Gema López, while Adela González affirmed that “they will do well” because they are “great professionals”.

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This obvious farewell triggered the alarm of some viewers, who immediately posted their surprise on social networks. But what happened to Mediaset’s make-up and hair team?

As BLUPER has learned from corporate sources, this Monday, August 1, when a large part of the workforce is on vacation, Paolo Vasile’s company communicated its decision to outsource the make-up and hairstyle, which will result in the immediate dismissal of 18 people of its staff linked – some for many years – to these services.

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With this dismissal, Mediaset gets rid of almost all of its team of make-up artists and hairdressers, leaving only the heads of the department and hiring the services of the company Acicala to take on this task. It should be remembered that, since the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic, Mediaset had considerably reduced the make-up and hairdressing service, limit it to presenters of the chain, while the rest of the collaborators and gatherings had to make up and do their hair at home or pay for these services themselves outside the corridors of Fuencarral.

This is the second outsourcing that has taken place in a few months at Mediaset España, since at the beginning of this year the company has already got rid of his three sewing professionalssomething that denounced Mercedes Mila during a live connection with Save me: “The only thing that matters to me is that they took out three tailors in the street, one of whom was my tailor. I find it intolerable and I mean it very seriously,” said the journalist. .

Jorge Javier Vázquez then took advantage of Milá’s spontaneous message to join the public complaint: “Since Mercedes said it, I will miss Maribel, Toñi and Begoña very much. Since we are involved, These are decisions that I don’t understand either. Maribel, Begoña and Toñi, kisses”, condemned.

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