Ligue 1: Galtier’s PSG does not miss Mbappé: Messi and Neymar “are fine”, watch out for Ramos…

EI PSG it was given a party in tel aviv at the coast of Nantes. The Parisians won with solvency and an overwhelming superiority (4-0) against the team from the banks of the Loire, which reached the French Super Cup as the Cup champion. It didn’t do them much good to hold that title…because Messi, Neymar and Sergio Ramos gave a good overview of ‘The Canaries’.

It’s true that PSG were already “in tune” at the start of the season (full of victories in pre-season) but the first official match confirmed it. The ‘Todo Galtier’ works (for now) despite the fact that the French coach had to change things in his own script to adapt to the star cast of the French capital.

PSG goal recital: Messi, Neymar’s free kick and even Ramos’ high heels!

If the pre-season had not been very demanding in terms of rivals, the first confrontation with a Ligue 1 team passed with honors. Whether it’s beating Japanese teams on their Asian tour or doing the same in the Trophée des Champions, a title that had escaped them in 2021 against Lille. So what this time they did not have Mbappé, sanctioned for accumulating yellow cards.

From 4-4-2 to 3-4-1-2

If Galtier had been characterized by a 4-4-2 quite strict in his previous stages (especially the last year in Nice, when he was PSG’s “bête noire” in the local championship), Paris made him change.

The system deployed at the start of the course is an offensive 3-4-1-2 where the wingers enjoy absolute protagonism and the center of the field displays vertical and audacious football. The three plants create a safety net that allows Galtier to deliver the strip to Mendes there Judgeas well as leaving two “players” in the center of the field while Vitinha there Verratti. The two got along well, and that’s good for PSG.

Messi, with freedom

The best news for PSG is Leo’s summer. With the idea of staying together beyond 2023 on the table, the Argentine has returned from vacation with the aim of meeting the challenges he failed to achieve last season.

Galtier has provided you with a system that allows you to move freely on the competing terrain. He goes down to receive and create play, falls on the right wing to initiate diagonals towards the rival surface and launches walls with Neymar and Mbappé (Sarabia in the Supercup, since Kylian was not there) with total naturalness.

In these first games it was possible to see a comfortable Messi, smiling at the ball in every game and dribble his rivals with disconcerting ease. His goal against Lafont, a sample of it.

High pressure and constant seat

If anything caught PSG’s attention in their debut game, it was the intensity with which he overwhelmed Nantes. If Antoine Kombouar’s team offered little opposition, it was because they never followed the pace set by Galtier’s team.

The people of the capital did not stop attacking and only Lafont avoided an even greater beating. In addition to taking advantage of the spaces left by the Nantes defense, PSG also provoked them: the Parisians printed in the first half (especially) a high pressure that drowned out the ball output of their rivals.

Neymar, love

He already said it a few days ago: “I want to stay at PSG.” Yes Neymar He decided to prove it on the field. His match against Nantes is a recital: dribbler as always, generator of chances… and author of two goals including one from a beautiful free kick.

In Mbappé’s absence, Neymar was Messi’s best partner at the Bloomfield stadium in Tel Aviv. And to see the drawing that Galtier poses on the ground, a three-way attack seems possible … at least in Ligue 1. In the Champions League, the famous “balance” dictates its sentence.

Look at Ramos…

That of Camas seems to have left the terrible 2021/22 season behind him. With only 13 games, last year was not his best cover letter in Paris. But as they say: clean slate.

The central defender started the season in France as a starter, and with one goal. And what a goal… Beyond the goal, a decent match took place in the right sector of the Parisian defence, where he had the difficult task of covering the rear of Hakimi, who is usually a torpedo boat in attacks and lives with the rival. field.

He looks confident, in good physical condition and eager to make up for lost time. Moreover, Marquinhos complements him and Kimpembe brings the physical exuberance that characterizes young French centre-backs who proliferate across Europe.

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