Justin Quiles’ impromptu concert in a protected area of ​​Tenerife has caused “serious environmental damage”

The improvised concert Justin Quiles in La Tejita, south of Tenerife, did not end well. The reggaeton singer offered a small recital on the beach to compensate his fans for the cancellation of the Reggaeton Beach Festival due to lack of permits. “Those who want to share, in a calm way, I see them,” the Puerto Rican announced in a social media post. The warning issued by Quiles caused the roads in the south of the island to collapse in just over fifteen minutes. The influx was such that the artist had to ask his followers via Instagram to stop going. “No one is going to the beach, a lot of people and a lot of traffic have arrived. turn around I already sang what I was going to sing. I love you, I love you, it was a small gift. Good that the meeting lasted three songs, it caused irreversible damage to the natural environment.

The organization of the Reggaeton Beach Festival announces that it will sue the City Council of San Miguel de Abona for the

The organization of the Reggaeton Beach Festival announces that it will sue the City Council of San Miguel de Abona for “the injustice suffered”

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The ecological association Salvar La Tejita has lodged a complaint with the Canarian Agency for the Protection of the Natural Environment. According to the document, which Canarias Now has had access to, the concert caused “serious environmental damage” in the Montaña Roja Nature Reserve, a protected area. In addition, the participants trampled several balancones, a vulnerable and protected species, as can be seen in the various videos that have circulated on social networks.

The balancón is a fundamental plant in the formation and maintenance of coastal dunes. This characteristic means that this species is not only found in La Tejita, but also in other enclaves of the Canary Islands such as the Natural Park of the Dunes of Corralejo (Fuerteventura) or the Natural Reserve of the Dunes of Maspalomas (Gran Canaria).

Salvar La Tejita concludes that the celebration of the concert was “totally incompatible with the Montaña Roja Nature Reserve” and demands that the Canary Islands Agency for the Protection of the Natural Environment carry out the inspection of the reported events and that they be carried out “the sanction measures that could compete against the organizer of the event”, who was the artist himself. Likewise, the association regrets that no authority prevented the damage, despite the fact that the recital took place without authorization, as confirmed by sources from the town hall of Granadilla to this newsroom.

The cancellation of the Reggaeton Beach Festival

Justin Quiles decided to organize this recital in Granadilla to compensate his followers after the suspension of the concert in which he was going to participate, the Reggaeton Beach Festival 2022. The city council of San Miguel sealed the place on July 28, a few hours before the festival took place because the security measures and the documentation presented by the organizers did not meet the required requirements. “He doesn’t have permission,” the council said.

The organization of the festival has assured that it will file a complaint against the municipal corporation and against officials who “could have committed irregularities” throughout the process. “What happened with this city council in recent weeks after months of meetings where there was no indication of what had happened, escapes all logic, administrative obstacles, leaks of erroneous information, claim of documents and certificates already presented,” read an email sent to everyone affected by the cancellation.

According to the organizers, the reasons which led this administration to drop a project are not known with certainty. “What we believe is that it is more a matter of personal interests than technical criteria”, they justified. As of August 5, the organization will send another email to the victims with all the information necessary to request a refund of the full amount of the tickets. Some of the artists of the genre who were going to participate in the concert, in addition to Justin Quiles, were Anuel AA, Manuel Turizo, Myke Towers or Ñengo Flow.

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