Julio Iglesias decides not to do it again when he sees how his body reacts with Miranda

Julio Iglesias He is part of the country’s history, his talent has crossed borders and no one can control his media phenomenon. Journalist Diego Arrabal published some photographs of the singer in a hospital in the United States and it didn’t take long for alarms to go off. His friends have spoken to the press to make it clear that Iglesias is in top form, supposedly these are just rumours.

Julio Iglesias has always had a reputation as a conqueror, but in recent months some say he has lost his charisma. The magazine The week collects some rather surprising words from the artist: “The mirrors have disappeared for me”. Supposedly he has mobility issues, or so some published images suggest.

Julio Iglesias


Julio spends long periods at home in Miami because he is more uncomfortable in Spain and there he has many specialists at his disposal. According to what has been published, a nurse is living at home in case she has an emergency as she is not with her all the time. Miranda. The program socialite socialite ensures that they lead separate lives and live at different addresses.

One of Julio’s sons made some statements on his social networks to make it clear that his father is fine. He assures that his condition is not as serious as they say and that his body has not changed, despite what he thinks. The singer has always been very presumptuous, which is why he doesn’t want to look in any mirror, but he is perfectly fine.

Julio, being married to Miranda, realized that he had lost some of the strength that characterized him. He has promised that he will no longer relish his reflection, but his family assures that this decision does not make sense. Her body has responded well over the years, the problem is the rumors circulating in the gossip press.

Julio Iglesias has to solve a problem

Julio controls the journalists well, but it is impossible for all of them to publish neutral information. There are more and more media that want to bring the whole truth to light, such as the portal Vozpopuli. The aforementioned source echoed some statements that do not leave the artist in the spotlight.

Close-up of Julio Iglesias with a serious face

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Iglesias, according to an alleged witness, spent time in a wheelchair because he struggled to get around without help. “Two or three weeks ago, I was in a wheelchair, with mobility problems”, explains an anonymous source. These statements were collected by several publications and the scandal grew bigger and bigger.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve seen him in public because he’s a guy who lives off his image. A guy who was very careful about his image He doesn’t want anyone to see him like that.” After this information, there were even speculations about his withdrawal from the scene.

Isabel Preysler’s ex-husband not only decided not to look in the mirrors, he also reportedly considered not giving concerts anymore. This last fact is not verified, but collaborator Carmen Borrego gave fuel to it. He assures that during the last show he gave in Marbella he had to sit down because he couldn’t stand it.

Julio Iglesias is still with Miranda

Julio saw the changes in his body next to Miranda because the model did not turn his back on him. Although they are very independent, they still love each other, there is no problem between them. No one knows if they will spend the holidays together, but she is attentive to his needs.

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Iglesias, as it has been published, spends the summer in Malaga because the city’s climate is good for his problems. There are no pictures of him, but journalists who obtained information assured that everything was in order. It is not true that it is as delicate as it is said to be, although it is subject to periodic examinations.

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