Julio Iglesias confirms that Miranda leaves him nothing after the separation

Julio Iglesias He worries his family because several media assure that he is in an extreme situation, but the truth is far from the rumors. Close sources acknowledge that the singer has certain needs, but deny that he is at his worst. It is not true that he uses a wheelchair, even though he has difficulty walking on his own.

Julio Iglesias, according to the program socialite socialite, is physically separated from Miranda as they lead very different lives. The singer spends the summers in Malaga, the model coincides with him for a few weeks, although supposedly they do not spend time together. They are used to being without each other, although they have no problem, they are just fulfilling the pact they have agreed.

Julio Iglesias awarded as the most successful Latin artist of all time on May 12, 2014

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Julio is one of the most influential faces in the social world and he’s used to everyone staring from him. But his wife left him nothing: the press knows her better than he does, which had never happened before. The artist goes unnoticed because photographers only want to know how Miranda is doing after the rumors.

Julio set off the alarms because, according to an anonymous witness, he uses a wheelchair to get around. These data have been denied by the environment, but there are still many doubts in the air. Maybe Miranda will solve the mystery, which is why everyone wants to talk to her.

Iglesias has a mansion in Marbella called Las Cuatro Lunas and every summer he locks himself up there for his children to enjoy. According to the portal vanity, there are all the little ones except one: Guillermo, the singer’s favourite. The Dutchman left her without the boy, but she will return him when he returns to the family home in Malaga.

Julio Iglesias knows about his private plane

Julio has a millionaire legacy behind him, he is one of the great fortunes of Spain and he cannot know everything. He has hired a good consulting firm that manages his assets and he is still in great shape to make decisions. He allows himself to be advised by those around him, since he has always taken into account the opinions of those close to him.

Julio Iglesias


Iglesias flew to Malaga in his private plane because he wants privacy and can fly straight home. Any photographer would love to meet him, but now he has to share the spotlight with Miranda. The model has become the center of attention since her husband is said to have health issues.

The artist wants to take advantage of his children, but in the past he had an incident with one of them that marked him forever. They tried to kidnap Chábeli, which is why the little ones in the family don’t go out without private security. Now there are many more expectationsso they took extreme precautions and as a result the photographers have more obstacles.

Julio Iglesias put himself in the hands of professionals

Julio has enough money to hire the best doctors, so his health is under control. The paparazzi Diego Arrabal published a photo of the singer in a hospital and there is something that caught a lot of attention. Miranda appears in the image, which confirms that they are only physically and temporarily separated.

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Iglesias has the Dutchwoman’s support whenever she needs it, despite the fact that they use different houses and lead different lives. The singer needs peace of mind and does not part with his nurse, because it gives him a lot of security. After the summer, he will return to Miami and there he will be able to spend more time with his wife, although they intend to follow the usual rules.

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