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Anyone who knows me knows that I had been waiting for more than 4 years for what we saw in Barcelona on Friday July 29th. 4 years after the visit Iron Maiden to our country, to the Wanda Metropolitano in Madrid, and two fallow due to covid. On this occasion I decided not to look at the setlist so that the concert in Barcelona surprises me even more, for better (or for worse), what I recognize you is that on several occasions I had seen videos of his European manga, just to get an idea of ​​the physical condition they have… and what physical condition. The group is in very good shape, these two years of break have only increased its legend.

British punctuality, around 8:55 p.m. the more than 50,000 of us who were there, We were already listening to “Doctor Doctor” by UFO (theme their shows always start with) which was the prelude to what was to follow. They started to unfold their full potential with Senjutsu, and its Japanese Eddie guarding the stage and with a Bruce Dickinson who jumped like a real dancer on stage, with a samurai bow tie included, giving a good account of his state of form. I’ve always thought Iron Maiden was one of those bands that feels like it’s their first time on stage because of the emotion and professionalism they exude., and especially for the illusion of playing songs that they have been playing for decades, with the same passion because they know that you, who are in public, have been waiting for this moment for a long time. After reviewing the last album, a deluge of classics began that made me take deep breaths several times as it was hard for me to keep singing. The good vibrations, the good physical condition of everyone, made me think of this Harris who put aside the rock star life when he was young to concentrate on what mattered to him: music and he asked the rest of his team to do so. If you wanted to be a real Iron Maiden, you had to be a serious guy and put the drugs aside. Today, he has managed to have a band of “sixties” in great shape and who seem to want to conquer the world (which they already achieved 40 years ago).

Gers, Smith, Harris, McBrain, Murray and Dickinson are sort of the perfect combo, six incredible musicians who form a whole. To draw a football comparison, Dickinson would be something like the star striker, but he wouldn’t be as brutal, without the midfielder, the defenders and the goalkeeper, who in this case would be the brutal Nicko McBrain who hits him often. the hype Continuing the concert, with the 3 songs of the new Senjutsu album, we are already starting to warm up, but obviously the Olympic fell when the chords of these songs started, which are no longer metal anthems, this are musical anthems. Suddenly we go from Japan to a gothic cathedral with “Revelations”, “Sign of the Cross” and, again, As in his previous visit to Spain, Bruce fired fire and flamethrowers in ‘Flight of Icarus’ with Icarus as guardian, and all kinds of accessories to give more sound to what was already thundering in Barcelona, ​​like with a kind of Vécetien mask in “Fear of the Dark”, dressed in a lantern and of course its replica of the red British uniform in “The soldier”, with his fight against Eddie waving the British flag. One of my biggest surprises was towards the end, the band played “Run to the Hills”, and by the time, I imagined that this time she would not be in charge of putting the finishing touches. Even twice the group threatened to leave the scene, until the Spitfire plane flew overhead, and Churchill’s prelude speech, Harris played “Aces High” as the last in his repertoire without Dickinson gasping, which I did. When they finished, I confess that I stayed a few more minutes to, on the one hand, breathe and assimilate what I had seen, and on the other hand because when the “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” by Monty Python I was sure that the recital wasn’t over yet… but yes, about 3 minutes after the last flash, it started to ring, and little by little we left the room between the whistles and with an incredible good atmosphere , wanting to comment on what we experienced that night.

If you have to put a but, it might be that in some cases the three guitars weren’t easy to distinguish or that Harris’s bass didn’t make my heart beat like the previous times, but without any doubt, what we experienced on Friday In Barcelona, ​​the 50,000 people who attend, is already the history of heavy metal. ¡UP the irons!

The full setlist was this:

Doctor Doctor (UFO)


A strategist

The writing on the wall


Blood brothers

sign of the cross

Flight of Icarus

Fear of the dark

Hallowed be thy name

The number of the beast

Iron Maiden

Prime at:

The soldier

The clansman

Run for the hills

Second reminder :

Speech Churchill

ace high

Always look on the bright side of life

(Monty Python song)

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