Ion Aramendi’s wife tells of the serious complications suffered during the birth of her daughter

Ion Aramendi and Maria Amores They already form a big family: Last Friday was born Marieta, the third daughter of the marriage after the births of Ion and Lucas in 2013 and 2017. The presenter and his wife had announced that the delivery was scheduled for the end of July, and the forecasts came true. Ion posted the first photograph of the baby on Saturday, holding him in his arms with a broad smile, while informing his followers that mother and daughter were fine, stressing, yes, there had been “some complications”. Now his wife has looked into the subject talking about how difficult her third birth was.

This is María Amores, the fundamental pillar of Ion Aramendi's life

This is María Amores, the fundamental pillar of Ion Aramendi’s life

The journalist took a little longer to share with her followers what the experience was like, a motherhood who lived at 44 years old. He did when, finally, after more than 30 hours apart, she was able to hold her daughter in her arms. The truth is that they have not been easy times for Amores: “I’ve been whores for a few days, I’m not going to lie to you”, recognized in the text that accompanies his first pose with Marieta. Even though the story ended well, the little girl is “healthy as an apple” and she is “in total love”, there were some difficulties.

“Marieta from my womb, was born because even my eyelashes hurt me,” Amores rhymed on her Instagram account on July 27, when she ran out of accounts, insisting on the unexpected nature of this third pregnancy. She and Ion shared a day later the first footage from the hospital, where they were told it was going to be a long time. A time when Ion took the opportunity to launch humor by posting funny videos on Instagram. Ultimately, Maria had her induced labor, a process that took 24 hours.

The serious difficulties of the wife of Ion Aramendi during the delivery of her daughter Marieta

The problems had to do, at all times, with the size of the baby, who weighed more than four kilos: actually Mary revealed a few weeks ago the weight he gained During pregnancy. As her mother reported, the girl was trying to get out, until doctors realized “she was very fat and didn’t look good”. They then decided to change their strategy and try an instrumental delivery, but that didn’t work either. Finally, a cesarean section was chosen, even if things got “very” the words of the journalist.

The twists and turns experienced in those days pushed the presenter’s wife had to stay in intensive care for two days without eating or drinking. And not only: María lived a really difficult situation, “with a thousand routes, transfusions, oxygen, a balloon in the uterus, compression stockings and living with enmorphine”, she said. told.

To reassure the parish of supporters of the couple, Amores wanted to give some humorous advice. Since the origin of the birth problem was the size of the girl, she wanted to draw a comparison between Ion and her with different breeds of dogs. “If you’re a dwarf chihuahua, don’t cross paths with a great dogue basque or you’ll have puppies beyond your bodily possibilities,” he laughed on Instagram while thanking for the interest and l affection received these days.

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