here is his relationship with Letizia and her daughters

    Carla Vigo has revealed how she feels after having having an anxiety attack to the hospital. the niece of Queen Letizia He explained that he was already much better and that he had recovered from this little scare. In fact, she is now immersed in her new project with Rafael Amargo, who helped him achieve his big dream of performing in a play. An incredible experience that he will now renew with the new project he has launched.

    The actress took the opportunity to clarify that being niece of Queen Letizia It has nothing to do with your career success. “Many people say it’s easier for me, but it’s the other way around, because people put more obstacles, because they say “you’re here because you are who you are”. I’m here for my job, because I’ve been here all my life. The first time I went on stage, I was two years old. It has nothing to do with it,” he said. In the video above, Carla Vigo talks about her relationship with her aunt; his new role in the theater and how he feels after the anxiety attack he suffered. “People say there’s no relationship but I get on well with her and the girls,” he says.

    carla vigo in 'yerma' play


    Moreover, he admitted that saying he has more facilities is a bit “ambiguous”. “Everyone has facilities. If you study ADE and you have a father who studied the same and has a business, then he will place you. It’s obvious. It happens in all careers. It has nothing to do with the talent you have. , and if you don’t have talent, then you are told it’s over, but if you have talent…”, he said. Explain.

    After that, she made it clear that she has a good relationship with Queen Letizia and the princess eleanor and the Infanta Sophia. “Of course I’m fine. Leonor and Sofia are very funny. My relationship is the same with both,” said ensuring that he keeps in touch with both his cousins ​​and his aunt, whom he does not know if he will be able to see this summer as he has a lot of work these months. “I’m with the new room, I also have a short and maybe a movie,” he revealed.

    carla vigo


    On the other hand, Carla Vigo also got candid about the criticisms it receives, stating that it is true that sometimes they affect him a lot. “Maybe you’ll catch me on a good day, that I’m doing very well emotionally, well, I don’t care, but if I’m more depressed…”, he acknowledged, assuring that when he there are a lot of ‘hate’ messages he gets, he can’t avoid it ending up hurting you.

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