Garbajosa: “This Eurobasket is the most difficult challenge we have faced in recent years”

El President of the Federacin Espaola de Baloncesto, Jorge Garbajosa, studied at Radio MARCA to take stock of the current situation of Spanish basketball at the start of the concentration for Eurobasket in September.

The summer of success: “Above all, you are happy for the basketball ecosystem and the work behind it. It makes me very excited, we are talking about a constant generational change and what better way to deal with it than to be the current European Under-20 Champion and World Vice-Champion Under-17 “.

Eurobasket 2022: “It’s not normal preparation for a very demanding championship: Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Lithuania, Turkey are candidates for get on the podium. The challenge is probably the toughest challenge we’ve faced in recent times, but we’re going to fight and try like this team always has. Having Rudy and Llull in the national team is invaluable and I’m sure we’ll come back from this championship with our heads held high with a medal? We’ll see. On August 1st I say I will end this championship happy because the challenge is very demanding and I’m very excited because we have the best team in the world”.

The easy and populist criticism with Lorenzo Brown annoys me. It’s a lie to say that it reduces player illusion. He has an exciting illusion of playing with the national team

Jorge Garbajosa, on Radio MARCA

Jorge Garbajosa, during the interview at Radio MARCA studios

Jorge Garbajosa, during the interview at Radio MARCA studios

new era of selection“Imagine what this team did, losing in the quarter-finals against the USA left us with a feeling of disappointment and sadness. What we have been through is not normal, it is not normal to win so much. I remember that in Beijing 2008 after the final a colleague asked me if Pau was going to leave him and he left him 13 years later. Over the past 4 years up to 40 players have made their national team debuts and there is a very well thought out succession and the windows have given us an opportunity. Here is a growth plan for the future.”

Lorenzo Brown: “That he loses his American citizenship is a huge symbol of commitment. He greatly admires the Spanish team and coincides with a time when Ricky and Alocn have been injured and Sergio Rodríguez has retired. What bothers me is the easy and populist criticism of people who know the work behind it and what bothers me is that when more than 40 players started in those years with the national team, it is said that by nationalizing a player in 6 years, we limit the illusion of kids and it’s not true, it’s a lie like a big piano. He comes to fill a very important gap and is one of the best passers in Europe and to give up seems irresponsible to me. He has an exciting illusion of wearing the national team shirt.”

Departure of Pablo Laso from Real Madrid: “Surprising because it was not something expected. My opinion of Pablo as a coach and a person is between 10 and 11. It’s a release in unusual circumstances and I lack the arguments to give a qualified opinion. Future as a coach? Sergio has a contract until 2024, but Pablo Laso is a coach that any team and any selection would like to havebut we are delighted with Sergio”.

Juancho Hernangmez in the Raptors: “I like it a lot, it’s a beautiful marriage and I have the feeling that it will last longer”.

Having Rudy and Llull this summer is invaluable, I’m confident Eurobasket will end happily

Garbajosa, President of the FEB

Bring peace to basketball? : “I have this peace in my prayers because it is very necessary. I am very proud to have a very good relationship with the ACB because there is only one Spanish basketball. I help in the goodwill of FIBA ​​​​to achieve this peace, I know that the NBA is ready to mediate for peace to comebut the Euroleague is going through a period of change and internal division and we don’t know who to negotiate with and we have to wait for them to define their problems and I hope the negotiating table can resume”.

Cristiano at Atleti? : “For that I am very little purist, am I would like it because it seems to me one of the best in history and if he comes to contribute, I would love to. I’m from Atleti, but I played for Real Madrid and I left my life for the time I was there and if a great player comes to Atleti I would love it”.

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