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Mateu Alemany and Xavi still have a lot of work to do before the start of the League

The discarded must be released and decide the other players with a future still uncertain

With the pre-season tour already over and the sporting management and coaching staff back in Barcelona, ​​it’s time to continue making decisions regarding a series of footballers who are part of the blaugrana team and who still do not know the color of the shirt they will wear this season.

It would be ideal if all the cases were resolved before the 13th of this month, when Barca make their League debut against Rayo Vallecano, but it seems difficult for this to be the case and it is already assumed that some of these cases may last. to the end market.

There are eleven players who still don’t have a clear future. Some already know that Xavi doesn’t have them, others know that his continuity depends on the arrival of another footballer and others are still waiting for what he can offer in the rest of the pre-season and the decision. coach final to make room for him on a team that can only have 25 chips.

The eleven players are:


The Brazilian keeper was kicked out by Xavi and didn’t even travel to the United States. He’s had offers from Celta and Napoli but haven’t finalized anything as his record is still an obstacle. Maybe he’ll leave with the letter of freedom.


Another of the discarded players. According to ESPN, this week Olympiakos will request his transfer. His physical condition and his record are two problems when he leaves. Barca considered a breach of contract if he doesn’t want to leave.

Riqui Puig

He was also left without a tour and looking for an outlet in Barcelona. So far, he hasn’t found it. With no offers from major league teams, he plans to embark on a minor league venture, having the option of signing for an advanced MLS team.


Also excluded by Xavi, he still has two years left on his contract. The club offered him the freedom letter and it looks like he might accept it this week. He has a millionaire offer from Saudi Arabia and some more from the League.


His future is in Xavi’s hands. He seemed excluded when he returned from his loan, but that of Terrassa decided to give him a chance and the Bosnian is having a good pre-season. He is committed and the coach liked his attitude. Think it might be useful to you. There will be a conversation and if Pjanic accepts a secondary role, he could take one of the 25 tokens.

Frankie de Jong

Three games as a central defender on the circuit and only one in his natural position, the interior. The club admits they can’t pay their bill. It is mandatory that he downloads it to continue but at Barca they prefer him to be transferred, since they have an offer of more than 80 million for the Dutchman from Manchester United. Xavi will talk to him and push him out. If he leaves, the club will opt for Bernardo Silva.


There is a lack of space in front after the arrivals of Lewandowski and Raphinha and the renewal of Dembélé. Xavi has already informed him that the best thing is for him to leave as he will hardly have minutes. He has a deal, but he’s currently hesitant to leave. If he does, he considers he should do it with the freedom card, since it came for free and with a low chip. Barca aspire to make money from him.


Not a minute in the last match of the American tour. César Azpilicueta remains a priority objective to strengthen the right side. The arrival of the Navarrese suggests that it will bring the American into the market. From his entourage, they explain that he does not want to leave.



There are plenty of attackers and the end of the subsidiary has to go. He was about to renew before going on tour and didn’t due to scheduling issues. He will do it in the next few days and a team will be found for him in which he can continue to progress.


Although it was not made official, he renewed his contract until 2024 before leaving for the United States. He could stay and occupy one of the 25 tiles, although with little importance. Xavi will have a conversation with him and make a decision. A new transfer to have minutes can be a good solution.


Xavi wants competition for Jordi Alba. The number one target is Marcos Alonso but Chelsea won’t make it easy. The sports management has alternatives, but the good pre-season that Alejandro Balde is having can open the doors to the first team for him. Otherwise, he will leave on loan as Barca want to rein him in.

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