Draco: Dolph Lundgren responds to Stallone and talks about the Rocky spin-off

MGM is involved in a restructuring process after the purchase of Amazon. The Majorone of the most important classic Hollywood, seeks to hang on to new titles from great sagas such as Credo 3, while trying to squeeze their licenses in other ways. In full vorgine for the rights of Rocky, with a Sylvester Stallone insulting the license producerit was announced that a spin-off film was in development which would focus on Ivan and Viktor Draco. It is not the first time that something like this has been heardbut it seemed like a more serious project than ever. Now it’s Dolph Lundgren talking about the movie and Stallone’s statements stating that he did not know under what conditions the green light had been given to the spin off.

Dolph Lundgren was unaware of the conflict between Stallone and the producers of the saga of Rocky

this ambitious spin offwhich began after the events of Creed IIwould delve into the history and context between the Soviet boxer of Rocky IV and his son, who battled Michael B. Jordan’s Adonis Creed in the 2018 film. This spin-off has been in the imaginations of MGM producers for a while, but it hasn’t particularly attracted Sylvester Stallone, especially after the crusade that the actor and screenwriter maintains with the producer Irwin Winkler to retain license rights. However, as we know today, Stallone was very hurt that Dolph Lundgren didn’t call him even to tell him what was going on.

In the middle of a Railroad Crossing which rises in tone in the last hours, the Swede took to Instagram to share his take on what happened, explaining what he thought of the film. “Just to set the record straight regarding a possible spin off of Dragon. There is no approved script, there are no established agreements, there is no director and personally I felt like my friend Sly Stallone was involved as a producer or even as an actor”, specified the interpreter. “I know that there was a leak in the press last week, which is very regrettable. I am in contact with Mr. Balboajust so all the fans can relax… And that’s it,” he concluded in the post.

“I thought my friend Sly was involved as a producer or even as an actor”

Things seem to have calmed down, especially since Dolph Lundgren and Sylvester Stallone have been friends for decades, remaining very close in various on-screen and off-screen projects. Lundgren was one of the protagonists of The mercenaries, an action saga also created by Sly, which will have a fourth installment next year. The storyline of the spin-off seems somewhat complicated, especially since one of its supposed protagonists seems to have jumped ship or at least doubted MGM’s intentions with the saga.

Sylvester Stallone maintains a standoff with the producers of the saga Rocky concerning the distribution of the commercial rights of a saga that the actor and screenwriter, as well as producer and director, helped to raise. It will certainly be his most difficult match.

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