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The open-world action-RPG from Warner Bros. shares what appears to be his first playable mission.

Warner Bros. Montreal today shared up to 15 minutes of gameplay from Gotham Knightsan open-world action RPG about Batman Universe featuring four of his greatest allies. This is a post-prologue gameplay session, which the development team still prefers to keep secret, allowing viewers to get a broad idea of ​​the product.

As we can see, at first the adventure will give us the choice between Red Hood, Nightwing, Robin (Tim Drake) and Batgirl, this being the preference of the Canadian study in material published exclusively by IGN. The video shows several fights featuring Barbara Gordon inside and around a large building, including an enemy “Bill at the End” that will test everything players have learned in these first minutes of play.

That said, exploration is also the protagonist, with detective sequences that could not be missing in a video game based on Detective Comics characters. In addition, the presence of the Court of Owls in the adventure is clear from the start.

This won’t be a traditional RPG

The gameplay allows more than one to take stock, and also to discover that Batgirl will not be a freshly hatched hooded, but well trained for the challenges that Gotham Knights promises to tell from the first minute. In this sense, through A meeting Warner Bros. Montreal wanted to clarify that the four characters are initially more or less expert in what “Batman” does.

Gotham Knights

“We didn’t want to make a dungeon RPG where we would send you out into the woods to kill six slugs and come back with your staff,” game director Geoff Ellenor told IGN. “At the end of the day, they’re very interesting people who have been trained by Batman and others. They’re very intelligent. They’re very capable. But they always have this challenge of rising to the level of ‘what does it take- there to protect Gotham’ City now that Batman is gone? There’s an RPG progression, but They are not starting from scratch, far from it.. They move enough the moment you pick up the controller.”

Gotham Knights releases October 25 on PC, PS5 and Xbox SeriesIn this way, the study guarantees that at the beginning we will meet four heroes with similar basic combat and stealth skills, but as they progress through their games, they will gradually differentiate themselves over time. as players evolve them.

Gotham Knights will hit stores this October 25 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S after surprisingly canceling its edition on PS4 and Xbox One. a big city and several villains among whom there will be a noticeable absence. Remember that the RPG has nothing to do with the Arkham saga, which will be connected to Suicide Squad.

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