Cinema evenings screen twenty films in the open air in ten districts of Pamplona until August 29

This Monday evening begins a new edition of the Nights of the Cinema cycle. Pamplona City Council, via Internet Civivoxprogrammed twenty films on ten stages in as many districts of the city: the Parque de every housethe walk of Claythe park of Yamaguchithe lake park Mendillorrithe courtyard of the Palace of Ezpeleta in the Historical Centerthe place of Arriurdiñeta in the Singerthe place of Doctor Gortari in Saint Georgethe Plaza de Alfredo Floristán in the miraculousthe park in love with Rochapea and the boulevard Iturrama.

Each space hosts two screenings over two consecutive weeks on the same day of the week, at 10:00 p.m. and with free entry. The films screened are mostly suitable for all audiences or particularly intended for children.


• Monday August 1st. Etxabakoitz Park. PETER RABBIT 2. AT THE FUGA
• March 2 August. Paseo de Buztintxuri. FLY TOGETHER
• Wednesday 3 August. Yamaguchi Park. EXPLODE EXPLODE
• Thursday 4 August. Mendillorri Lake Park. HOLIDAYS WITH YOU… AND YOUR WIFE
• Friday 5 August. Courtyard of the Palace of Ezpeleta. AKELARRE (in Basque, subtitled in Spanish)
• Monday 8 August. Etxabakoitz Park. SONIC THE MOVIE
• March 9 August. Paseo de Buztintxuri. SPIRIT. INDOMITABLE
• Wednesday 10 August. Yamaguchi Park. GO FOR US!
• Thursday 11 August. Mendillorri Lake Park. LEADER. THE RECIPE FOR HAPPINESS/CHIEF ZORIONAREN ERREZETA (in Basque, subtitled in Spanish)
• Friday 12 August. Courtyard of the Palace of Ezpeleta. TRAIN ALL! DESTINATION ASTURIAS
• Tuesday 16 August. Arriurdiñeta-Txantrea Square. TROLLS 2. WORLD TOUR
• Wednesday 17 August. Doctor Gortari-San Jorge Square. TOM Y JERRY/TOM ETA JERRY (in Basque, subtitled in Spanish)
• Thursday 18 August. Alfredo Floristan-Milagrosa Square. THE WITCHES OF ROALD DHAL
• Friday 19 August. Enamorados-Rochapea Park. THE BOSS BABY. FAMILY AFFAIR
• Monday 22 August. Iturrama Boulevard. IN A NEW YORK NEIGHBORHOOD
• Tuesday 23 August. Arriurdiñeta-Txantrea Square. THE LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE/LEGO NINJAGO FILMS (in Basque, subtitled in Spanish)
• Wednesday 24 August. Doctor Gortari-San Jorge Square. AT WAR WITH MY GRANDFATHER
• Thursday 25 August. Alfredo Floristan-Milagrosa Square. A QUIET PLACE 2
• Friday 26 August. Enamorados-Rochapea Park. THE CROODS 2: A NEW ERA
• Monday 29 August. Iturrama Boulevard. THE FATHER

the park of every house opens the program with ‘Peter Rabbit 2. On the run’, a film not recommended for children under 7, but especially intended for children. The animated film tells the adventures of the mischievous rabbit Peter and his family. A week later, on Monday the 8th, the same stage screens “Sonic the Movie,” a 2020 U.S.-Japanese co-production based on the Sega-published video game franchise of the same name.

On Tuesday 2, ‘Flying Together’ is exhibited on the Paseo de Clay. It’s a 2019 French production, based on real events, which defends the love of nature through the journey of a scientist and his son to save an endangered species.

The following Tuesday, the 9th, the indomitable spirit of a young adventurer and her special relationship with a horse are told in the animated film ‘Spirit. Indomitable’.

Wednesday 3 is the turn of Yamaguchi Park, in the district of San Juan, with ‘Explota Explota’, the Spanish musical of the year 2020, which is committed to optimism to the rhythm of the songs of Raffaella Carrá .

The same space will screen Wednesday 10 ‘Va por nosas!, a dramatic comedy that tells the impact produced in a small community when a coach creates an all-female football team to save the club, when he is about to disappear, and end the championship.

On Thursday 4, in the park of the Mendillorri Lake, “Holidays with you… and your wife” tells the adventures of Antoinette, a teacher who plans to go on vacation with her secret lover and the father of one of her students, but the plan fails. On Thursday 11, the same stage hosts the first meeting in Basque, subtitled in Spanish: “Le chef. The recipe for happiness’/’Chef. Zorionaren errezeta’, which recounts the adventures of the candidates to become the best chef in Paris.

The last appointment this week is Friday the 5th in the courtyard of the Palacio de Ezpeleta. “Akelarre”, not recommended for children under 12, is broadcast in Basque, with Spanish subtitles. The film is about witchcraft and the repression of all the playful part of life. In the same courtyard, on Friday the 12th, the Spanish comedy ‘A todo tren! Destino Asturias’, with Santiago Segura and Leo Harlem, tasked with caring for boys and girls attending summer camp.

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