Chess Olympiad: the USA sting against Uzbekistan (2-2) with the defeat of Caruana, and Spain remains in the lead | Chess News

The suspicion that gold was not so easy for the United States at the Chess Olympiad in Chennai (India), because it lacks the team spirit that others have, begins to grow. to make felt. The undisputed favorites narrowly drew (2-2) with Uzbekistan. While India and Norway, seeded 2 and 32, also stumbled, Spain shared the lead with fearsome India B wonders England and Israel after beating (2.5- 1.5) a very tough rival, India C, rival of Spain on Tuesday. .

The most painful for the Americans in the draw against one of the youngest teams in the tournament occurred on the first board: the Uzbek prodigy Nodirbek Abdusatórov, current world rapid champion, 17, 47th in the world ranking , strategically beat Fabiano Caruana, 8th in the ranking and vice-world champion in 2018, could not appeal, thus clearly beat Sindárov (born in 2005), but Aronian could not pass the tie with Yakúbboev (2002), and Shankland had to sweat blood for five hours to get a half point from Vajídov (1995). Leinier Domínguez rested.

Spain’s triumph could have been wider. The fight on the first two boards was rather short and uninteresting until the Ganguly-Shírov and Vallejo-Sethuraman matches ended in draws. Everything indicated that the match was going to be decided in the third, where Jaime Santos played very well until reaching a very advantageous position. But then he again suffered from the same problem that cost him several medals at the World and European Championships of different ages: playing at full speed with a big advantage and enough time. However, his tie was cleared in the fourth by Antón, who managed to unbalance his position in the 5th hour.

Magnus Carlsen gave up a break that would have been logical when his rival, the Mongol Batsuren, is 340 points behind him. And he played heartily, angrily protesting that a nearby door was making an annoying noise. In addition to the desire, he put the precision, the brilliance and the strength to sign a victory which he undoubtedly needed for his self-esteem. But his team stumbled (2-2) for the second consecutive day. India too, who did not go beyond a draw against France, despite the fact that this team misses Firouzja, Vachier-Lagrave and Bacrot.

The Spaniards bounced back with a 4-0 win over Mexico after their 1-3 loss to Sweden. Seeded India are ahead but tied on 8 points with seven other teams: France, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, India B, Georgia, Poland and Romania.

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