Bad Bunny clarified what a lack of respect for him is

Even if the singer’s concerts are over bad bunny which he celebrated this weekend at Puerto Rico Coliseumalways makes headlines for everything that happened there. One of the issues that attracted the most attention and generated the most comments over the weekend was when, in one of his speeches at the concert on Thursday, he called on Governor Pedro Pierluisi and all the politicians “who believe they own the country”.

On Saturday night, at his third and last concert “A Summer Without You”, Benito Martínez Ocasio, returned to the subject of the political situation on the island, trying to explain what a sector of the country understood as a “lack of respect” towards Pierluisi. In several videos posted on social networks by viewers, the composer’s message could be appreciated.

“I am now of age. I am 28 years old and I thank God for throwing me here on this piece of land, Puerto Rico. I thank God for giving me the family that he has given me. And I understand that my family, my father, my mother did a good job raising me.”, commented the popular singer as he walked from side to side on the stage. “They taught me values, they taught me respect, they taught me good things that make me the human being that I am today,” the Vega Baja-born artist added. , before greeting his parents, who were in the audience.

The Puerto Rican continued his speech emphasizing respect for others. “There are things we will learn, growing up, in school, on the streets and in life, period. And my family taught me respect. Respect people, but also respect myself. And I get it, I’m aware that saying mamab… to someone is disrespectful“, commented the interpreter of” I behave nicely “before starting a long list of reasons for which he considers that the Government and the politicians disrespect the people.

It’s a lack of respect, the displacement of many Puerto Ricans who have to leave here, from Puerto Rico. It is disrespectful that Puerto Rico goes without electricity every day, once, five, four times, and no one tells me about it. Nobody tells me that. Do you know why? Because I live here. I live in Puerto Rico. I did not move,” he added, while receiving support from the public in the form of shouts and applause with each situation he evoked.

“Do you know what disrespect is? Teachers’ salaries, police officers’ salaries, it’s a lack of respect. It is disrespectful that schools continue to be closed year after year. It’s disrespectful that there are people in this country who don’t have access to a decent hospital and healthcare system.“, commented the artist who will play in the film” Bullet Train “, alongside Brad Pitt and whose premiere will take place this Thursday, July 4th. “It’s disrespectful that they keep trying to deceive us and take us by surprise…but they’ve caught up with the generation that’s not going to leave, puñ…”.

Before ending his speech, which at times sounded more like a political rally than an urban music concert, Bad Bunny wanted to send a message to the country’s political class that the younger generations “have the strength” and that they weren’t leaving to “let disrespect again”.

“I don’t want to be the most revolutionary, the most rebellious, I don’t want to be, what do I know, call me what you want, the most independentist. It is not about political ideals. It’s nothing against statesmen, librists, ”said the reggaeton player. “It’s about dignity and respect for a country that is tired of being caught off guard…year after year. And that the generations that are growing up, the generation that accompanies me, is aware of that, that it has a voice, that it has strength and that we are no longer going to allow ourselves to be despised. And it’s not overnight, it’s little by little, I know, it’s step by step, but little by little the force is felt and they know it. That’s why they’re scared.”

three days of concerts

As in the first two concerts last night, Bad Bunny was accompanied on stage by a large group of singers. On this occasion, they said to present the Puerto Rico Coliseum Father Nao there raw alejandroin addition to Chencho Corleone there Jay Cortez, as in the rest of the concerts. In addition to this, Thursday and Friday there was also the presence of singers such as Tony Dize, West Indian villain, Searcher, Tommy TorresBomba Estéreo, Les Marías, Arcángel and Jowell and Randy.

Bad Bunny made history Thursday by broadcasting the concert live on the Telemundo channel and to 13 locations across the island packed with thousands of people. It was Puerto Rico’s biggest “party,” as the organizers dubbed it.

Likewise, Thursday evening, a new attendance record at the Puerto Rico Coliseum with 18,749 people. The figure surpassed Metallica with an attendance of 17,870 at their concert held on October 26, 2016 at Hato Rey Hall.

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