August’s Biggest Video Game Releases

We are already well into the second half of the year and the game is starting to wake up again for the final quarter. August is coming with several exciting releases, and today we’re going to highlight the five biggest on consoles and PC.


Study: Sam Barlow
platforms: PC, Xbox
Release date: March 30

Sam Barlow continues to bet on games with live actors (called “FMV” or “Full Motion Video”) after the excellent Her Story and Telling Lies. Immortality is a thriller in which players must uncover what happened to Marissa Marcel, an actress who disappeared after starring in three films that were never released. From fragments of these films, interviews and backstage, it will be necessary to investigate the images by relating objects or characters to reveal what happened to the young woman. The adventures of Sam Barlow are unique and therefore expectations of immortality are high.

Worship of the Lamb

Study: Massive monster
platforms: PC, Xbox, PlayStation
Release date: thursday 11

Historically, indie games have been the ones that have brought some originality to the industry, and Cult of the Lamb, with its combination of action, life simulator and resource management, promises to do the same. In the game, we control a possessed lamb who was saved from annihilation by a sinister being, and to pay his debt he must create a sect of worshipers by building structures, collecting resources, performing rituals and by eliminating rival sects and non-believers. Cult of the Lamb interweaves simulation segments with exploration and action in randomly generated scenarios, and decorates everything with a cartoonish design that contrasts with the darkness of its proposal.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered

Study: Insomniac Games
platforms: pc
Release date: Friday 12

After enjoying success on PlayStation and spawning a spin-off (Spider-Man: Miles Morales) and a sequel, the Spider-Man game is coming to PC as part of Sony’s initiative to support the platform. Spider-Man: Remastered is the upgraded version that PlayStation 5 users received, but with some exclusive new features that take advantage of the technical power of the PC, such as optimized graphics, support for DLSS and DLAA technologies from Nvidia, compatibility with ultrawide displays and a superior implementation of ray tracing technology. Additionally, those using a new DualSense controller will be able to take advantage of support for haptic feedback and dynamic joystick triggering.


Study: Throw 7
platforms: PC, Playstation
Release date: March 16

The studio behind the excellent skate saga OlliOlli is once again betting on a sport on wheels, but this time with a form of post-apocalyptic competitive skating. Rollerdrome takes us to the year 2030, to a world dominated by corporations, which hold people captive with a bloody spectacle. As a competitor, our mission will be to infiltrate the Rollerdrome and overcome each of the levels with pure shooting and skating tricks until we discover the mystery and true intentions of the Matterhorn society. Roll7’s game tells a story, but its real attraction is the asynchronous multiplayer mode, in which we will compete with our friends trying to improve their times and scores on each level.

Saints Row

Study: Will
platforms: PC, Playstation, Xbox.
Release date: March 23

Saints Row was born in the early 2000s as one of many copies of Grand Theft Auto at the time, but over the installments it has found its own voice. Now studio Volition is looking to recapture the spirit of the original games with this reboot, which puts us in control of a new team of criminals trying to become the kings of Santo Ileso, a new town in the American Southwest. Set on the series’ largest map to date, Saints Row retains the series’ essential elements: a diverse cast of characters with their own personalities, large-scale wild action, deep character and vehicle modifications, and a lot of humor.

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