Aída Nízar files criminal charges against Mediaset and La Fábrica de la tele for giving ‘fake news’ and ‘non-existent interviews’

The businesswoman and former reality TV contestant Aida Nizar presented before a court of first instance of Madrid a bulletin of conciliation, before the filing of a criminal complaint for an alleged “crime against honour” committed according to the document by Telecinco, media play and the production company La Fábrica de la tele, giving what it considers false information about your business activity.

The pre-complaint document, presented by the law firm Jesús Bernardo Sáez de Gálvez in Valladolid, collects the emails that the lawyer sent to the defendants to be rectified and that “they have been ignored”.

“In recent days and in the program of the Socialité channel, as well as the social networks of its channel, a series of “false information” was given rregarding an alleged business activity conducted fraudulently by my client, Aída Nízar, as the alleged owner of a reform company,” the lawsuit warns.

During the broadcast, a Twitter profile was shown attributed to Aída Nízar and her supposed reform company, a profile and some tweets that the court document says are false. Moreover, the lawsuit guarantees that these tweets and profiles were “invented and created by the defendants themselves in order to give credibility to the news which, at the time, was published both on the network’s programs and on all the group’s social networks”.

During the Socialité broadcast, reference was made to certain statements that Aída Nízar’s mother would have made on this subjectMaría Ángeles Delgado, certain statements that the trial denies have been produced.

“The alleged interview held with María Angeles Delgado, mother of this one, is false, since the first, at that time, is not even in Spain, being categorically untrue that he was interviewedcompared to the news indicated,” the document reads.

The request for conciliation recalls that “all the information published, broadcast and reproduced in the programs of the Telecinco network, belonging to the Mediaset group and produced by La Fábrica de la Tele during the month of March 2022 and after, in relation to alleged fraudulent business activity by Aída Nízar as a business owner dedicated to real estate reforms is totally and absolutely false”.

It should be remembered that this is not the only battlefront that Aída Nízar has opened against the chain and the aforementioned producer, since she is one of the victims of the so-called ‘operation moonfor which many celebrities and The characters concerned would have been spied on by disclosing personal information that certain national police officers, today under investigation, would have leaked to journalists and collaborators of the Mediaset universe, who would have used this information in collective programs.

For all these reasons, the former Telecinco collaborator and former candidate was impactful: “I’m going for them, they won’t keep hurting my honor“, he said of the defendants.

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